Since I live in Scranton PA and that the opportunity arose where I can get to experience the Eagles parade along with being a new contributor to DolphinsTalk I thought it be a good idea to share my time of being a self-representative an appointed representative of the Miami Dolphins in the city of Brotherly Love. Credit to me for appointing myself  being though worthy enough to be the Dolphin’s sole representative.

I went down to Philly on Tuesday night with some friends and Wednesday we hung out in the city all day. If you ever get the chance to go to the Reading Terminal, do it. In fact do it right now. It’s awesome there and the food will make you believe in God in case you already don’t. Thursday morning came and we headed out to a subway at Fernrock. Good thing we did because it gave me the opportunity to take a snapshot of this gem

I love random of jerseys of players that have no business to have jerseys. I have about 15 Dolphin’s jerseys of guys like Rob Konrad, Fiedler(signed) and Langford so of course I was jazzed to see someone sporting a Kevin Kolb jersey. As I said to a guy as we were both laughing about the randomness of the jersey “hey, remember that time Kolb lit up Baltimore and people thought he was the man?” A fun laugh enjoyed by all.

We got to Spring Garden and were making our way to the Art Museum where the parade would be making their last stop of the whole thing. The time was 7:45AM. The temperature was about 25 degrees. Not a tremendous thought to want to stay in the same spot for next 5 hours, when the players would be getting to us. Fortunately, easily the best sign I saw the entire time was being held right next to me warmed me up and brought joy to everyone who walked by

Bless this girls heart for illustrating the collective thoughts of everyone who listened to the super bowl perfectly in one sign. People really lost their minds when they saw it.

It was 8:15 and I decided to leave my friends to find refuge in a local pub to warm up. The parade was getting to us until 12:30-1 so I figured I had plenty of time to get back. Found the first establishment called the Wrap Shack and posted up. Surprisingly, the place wasn’t jam packed it. It was steady but nothing unreasonable. I found a cozy spot, stood there and took it all in. Again, I saw a wonderful soul dawning just an incredible display of jerseyness

The old kicker jersey is never a bad choice. It takes a certain kind of someone to put money towards a jersey of a kicker. I always wanted to get an Olindo Mare jersey but I never had the intestinal fortitude or wanted to shell out the $180+ to get it custom made back in the day so kudos for this guy for being more man or having more money than I did when I was 14.

As being the sole representative for an entire franchise, I held my own when someone realized just who I was representing. I spoke diligently about the how the Eagles played a great game and how Foles will be the opening day starter for Philly next year while Wentz gets back to 100%. I also said that if Foles opens the year as the starter and does well that Philly will have a very tough decision on their hands to bench him for the unlimited ceiling I kep getting told about that is Wentz. But mainly,  the biggest thing I talked about with Philly fans was Jay Ajayi. They all shook my hand and thanked me for sending him to their team for just a 4th. I said on behalf of the Dolphins, you’re welcome. We all agreed however that Blount was just as important and that they need to resign him because you can never have enough quality running backs and that we all know that eventually Ajayi is going to pop up as a problem and spout off on how he’s not getting enough carries. We were all firm on that future. The solidarity was nice.

Then before I knew it, a chant I never knew existed erupted led by a man wearing a Danny Devito Penguin style nose that was quite interesting

The clock hit noon and I made way to meet back up with my friends to watch the parade pass us by but wouldn’t you know it, they wouldn’t let anyone cross the street so there was nothing I can do to get back to them. It was then I made the only move I could make. I double-backed to the pub I was at for the majority of the day.

I’m grateful that the Dolphins never ever contacted me to represent the team in any conceivable way decided to think better of it and send me out there to rub elbows with the Philly faithful and get a sense of how they’re taking in their achievement. It was an experience I will never forget.