Live look at me having an epiphany about the Jarvis Landry
contract/franchise tag/potential trade situation.

I woke up and was naturally thinking about Landry getting the franchise tag,
which I went into the other night in a blog I
wrote for, and how I still don’t feel any better about the
whole thing. In fact, I feel worse about it. My initial, horrible feeling of
this looking like the Dolphins only franchised him so that they could trade him
seems like where this is headed. Reports are that the Saints, Bears, Titans and
Panthers are the top teams interested in Landry. However, I’m sure that any
team can surprise people out of nowhere and jump up to be the front runner in
this situation at any moment. Question is, what will Miami get back in return?
Seems like Miami is fishing for a 1st but I’m not convinced that is what
they’ll get. Probably more around a 2nd is what they will get for him unless
they package him and their 1st rd pick to move up in the draft to maybe

my epiphany comes in is when I thought about Landry and what he’s done for this
team in his first 4 years and how Miami generally, classically always have dumb
situations swirling around them. I’m not going to go into and name all the past
crazy situations, but I have a feeling y’all have a good idea which ones I’m
talking about. I’ll let you upset yourself with those thoughts. Only in Miami
can they have a guy that they drafted, who’s in their prime, lead the league in
catches in his first 4 years and have it not be a no-brainer to sign him to a long-term
deal. It’s peak Miami ridiculousness. Nowhere else would something like that
happen. I’m confident every other team gets a deal done here. Here’s where it’s
also peak Miami ridiculousness; there are decent reasons not to sign him long-term.
Landry is slowly becoming one of those guys who loses his mind on the field and
costs the team. But the main reason is that somehow Miami figured out a way to
have the guy with the most catches in the first 4 years to start a career also
average about -3.6 yards per catch. That literally can only happen in Miami
because why not? Such a perfect storm of ridiculousness is why this franchise
has been the most vexing franchise in the last 18 years. So many stupid and
completely mind-numbing situations that just make Miami fans shake their head
and stare off into oblivion and wonder about how nice it must be to be a fan of
a team that doesn’t have the dumbest stuff consistently happen to them. No team
is perfect, but nobody does ridiculousness quite like the Dolphins do it. We
the tortured souls who are Dolphins fans will continue to walk with our heads
held high because we can take it. Take pride in that