With the combine coming in just a couple of weeks, I wanted to
discuss some players to watch. Instead, we are discussing the Jarvis Landry
Franchise Tag.

As you have already heard, Jarvis Landry has been franchised tag,
under the non-exclusive tag. My initial reaction was, the Dolphins are close to
a deal and want to make sure no other team tampers with Landry during the
combine. Yes, “illegal” tamper does happen during the combine and the
franchise tag keeps teams from even bringing up details of a deal to Landry’s
agent, unless they are willing to part with picks. I am starting thinking that
Landry and the Dolphins were going to get a long-term contract done by

Then I began to think, the Dolphins have entertained the idea of
drafting Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield by interviewing them. Could the Dolphins
use Landry to get the quarterback of the future? 

Disclaimer: I have no sources, so this is purely speculation and
for fun. Just sit back and enjoy or hate the scenarios. 

First and foremost, the cap hit is much too high for the Dolphins
to keep Landry on it for the season. So, I thought about teams that have cap
space to sign him to a long-term deal and that would be willing to part with
draft picks for a player like Landry. I came up with three teams that would be
willing to deal for Landry. 

First up, 

The San Francisco 49ers: Cap Space: $74,503,467

The 49ers hold the 9th overall pick in the NFL draft and they have
their quarterback of the future and they want to put as much talent around him
as possible. The 49ers really lack for weapons at WR and could use a talent
like Landry to help Garoppolo. The price is 2 first round draft picks, but the
Dolphins an accept whatever compensation they wish. The 49ers could flip the
9th (pending coin flip with Oak could be 10th) overall pick to the Dolphins in
exchange for Landry, if he were to sign an offer sheet of course. The Dolphins
could use both the 9th and 11th pick to move up or take a player at each spot
and end up with more talent on the team. 

Next up: 

Chicago Bears: Cap Space: $41,217,467

The Chicago Bears like their rookie they drafted in Mitch Trubisky
and they are in serious need of an upgrade at WR. The Bears have already
decided to make Josh Sitton a free agent, opening more cap space for them. The
Bears hold the 8th overall pick in the draft and much like the 49ers, the 8th
overall pick could be acceptable by the Dolphins to move Landry. 

The Bears and 49ers have their franchise quarterbacks, at least
they believe that for this year. Regardless, they are not looking to draft a
quarterback in the top of the draft. They may be willing to move their first-round
picks for a player like Landry to help their young quarterbacks. This next
team, is a little different. 

Finally, you guys may like this one. 

Cleveland Browns: Cap Space: $110,113,737
It’s not very often that I will say Dolphin fans should root for
the Browns, but the Browns have Kizer and whether they take a quarterback at
the #1 overall pick or decide to move forward with Kizer, they have a need at
WR. Jarvis Landry would give the Browns a solid WR to help the young QB and
with all the cap space they have, the Browns may be willing to move the 4th
overall pick for Jarvis Landry. 

What to do with the picks: 

If the 49ers and Bears were to trade their first-round picks, they
may have to throw in another pick later in the draft or from next year’s draft.
With the 8th (CHI) overall pick or the 9th (SF) overall pick, the Dolphins
would have a chance at Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield. The Dolphins could also
package the 8th or 9th pick and the 11th pick to move up with the Colts at 3
for their chance at a quarterback. 

Now, with the pick from the Browns, Dolphin fans hold onto your
hats, the Dolphins could get the 4th overall pick and land one of the top
quarterbacks while hanging onto their 11th overall pick. This would maximize
the talent on the roster. 

Regardless, these three trades would give the Dolphins ample
opportunity to grab a young quarterback in the first round and have a chance at
future trade for picks. 

And you guys thought I was against drafting a quarterback in the
first round.