to Week 2 of MB’s Thoughts of the Week. It was an interesting week to come up
with viable topics to discuss, but there are some huge decisions looming over
the team.

Thought 1: The jersey discussion is
getting to be old and boring. I think it is fair to say that the majority of
the fanbase HATES our current uniforms, and it is time for a change. I could
not agree with this standpoint more than I do at this very moment. What was
wrong with our old uniforms? They were perfect. They stood out in a crowd, they
looked good on the field, and it seemed that our players liked playing in them.
Our head coach even loves to wear the old logo during interviews, so he is
trying to say something there as well. The team needs to make this change, and
re-energize the fan base, and GIVE US WHAT WE WANT.

Thought 2: Until we have a
resolution, Jarvis Landry continues to be on the mind of every Dolphins fan.
What is going to happen with him? Is he a Dolphin next season? Does he finally
get the deal he is looking for? The truth is no one really knows. I seriously
hope he remains a Dolphin, but in my opinion, I think he is gone. I think the
Baltimore Ravens will sign him to a deal early in free agency and that will be
that. It will be a sad day in Fin-land when this happens and I do not know what
we will do to recover.

Thought 3: I would like to know how most
of the fans, on this site, feel about the deal that Jimmy Garoppolo got from
the 49ers. Was he paid too much money? How would you feel if the Dolphins were
to give this deal to Ryan Tannehill, after this season, if he indeed plays up
to his potential?

are you guys thinking, at the end of this week? How are you feeling about the
team, and what lies ahead?