Earlier this week the Miami Dolphins placed the franchise tag on
Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry and speculation is that Landry will indeed
be traded by the Dolphins. The Dolphins should be looking for a lot in return since
Landry is a very good wide receiver who catches a lot of passes and has
been very productive. If I were the Dolphins general manager these are some of
the positions of players I’d be looking for in return when
trading Jarvis Landry. Obviously getting draft picks in return is the priority but if a team were to throw a player in along with a draft pick, these are the positions I would want the player to play.

line has always been an issue for the Dolphins and if the Dolphins can pick up
an offensive lineman via trade and still draft someone like guard Quenton
Nelson from Notre Dame, we could revamp that unit overnight.

position of interest Miami may be looking for in a trade of Landry would be to
get back another wide receiver, obviously one not the caliber of Landry though.
With Devante Parker’s injury history, you can’t necessarily count on him this
season and with Landry gone I am not sure players like Leonte Carroo and Jakeem
Grant are ready to step up and fill such big shoes. Yes, it’s odd that a team
trading for a WR would then give up a WR as well but depending on the parameters
of the trade the team may be giving up an older wide receiver and wanting to
get younger at the position, where Miami with Stills and Parker is ok taking a
veteran wide receiver with maybe 1 or 2 years left.

The last position Miami should be looking at if getting a
player back via trade is linebacker. As we know Miami is lacking quality
linebackers and the ones they have currently have huge question marks around
them. Kiko Alonso isn’t coming off a great season and Raekwon McMillan is an
unproven rookie who is coming off a major knee injury. If Miami can add a
productive linebacker in any trade with Landry that would be a plus.

The Dolphins are going to need to squeeze all the
Juice out of Juice if we want to have a chance to contend in this upcoming
season. Getting back fair market value in any trade of Jarvis Landry is key.