So, this story came out yesterday and it’s just as unbelievable
then as it is now when I read it. According to Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated,
apparently back at a joint practice with the Eagles this summer, Suh threw a
line out there to Eagles’ defensive line coach about such a thing for next year

“When the team practiced against Miami,
Dolphins players took note of how fast Eagles players moved from drill to
drill,” Klemo wrote “Lee recalls Ndamukong Suh being so impressed
with the team that he approached defensive line coach Chris Wilson with an
offer: ‘Suh told our defensive line coach, ‘The way y’all practice is
unbelievable. I don’t care about money at this point—I think I want to play
with y’all next year for free.’ Our coach was like, ‘Uhh, can we get that in

a lovely spokesperson of some sort, Suh has denied ever saying this. But this
is to random of a story not to be true so I’m just going to assume this
happened. Unless Suh tells me personally that he didn’t say it, then I won’t
believe it was said because Suh is one of the top 5 scariest people in the
world to me and I will do, say and think whatever he wants me too.

think that Ndamukong Suh or any athlete would give up their mega salaries for
nothing is just wild to think about even if it’s for something as pure and
“feel goody” like playing for a title, something most fans want to
believe their athletes are really playing the games for. Full disclosure;
they’re playing for the love of the money, not the game in most athletes and
there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, Eagles defensive end Chris Long gave up
his salary this year, $1 million, but he donated it for people to receive
better and equal educational opportunities. A beautiful gesture of Long’s
compassion is what that was. Name another athlete that gave up their yearly
salary to play? To think that Suh would pass up his scheduled $28 million
salary for 2018 is just a Ludacris idea to have in your head. I’m not doubting
that Suh was really impressed at how the Eagles ran their practice. Compared to
whatever Miami does, I’m sure anybody else’s practice looks fantastic. But that
doesn’t mean that Suh will just go to Philly and play professional football for
nothing just, so he has a better chance to win a championship. What this was
Suh just saying something at a practice and thinking nothing of it never ever
giving it a thought that it would ever get mentioned again. Just some casual
hyperbole. Maybe Suh would take a discount to go there or anywhere else for
that matter if it meant a better chance of winning it all, but to play the most
physical game for free? Naw, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of
this works.

understand that there has been some light talk about Suh getting released.
Maybe he gets released next year because if they wait until then they’ll save
an extra $11 million as compared to doing it this year. Also, Suh is still
playing at an extremely high level. He’s the best defensive player on a team
that has a very pedestrian defense. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t in a Miami
uniform come later this year. So, let it be written, Suh will not be playing
for the Eagles for free next year.

have a theory that if Suh and Brock Lesnar wanted to run Scranton solely based
on no one being able hurt them that they can do it in about 2 days. That’s how
much fear I have of those two guys. Scary stuff