Good news sports fans, the Dolphin’s front office
aren’t just twiddling their thumbs about what’s going to happen with Jarvis
Landry. They have their eyes on other positions as well and they made a
big-time move yesterday.

Obviously, you can look at this in several ways. Here’s what we
know about Quinn. He’s 27, he was a 1st rd. pick for the Rams in 2011 and has
had 62.5 sacks during his career as an outside linebacker. That information
can’t be refuted. Quinn is a guy you insert immediately and expect to produce
big things. And for a 4th and 6th rd. pick, I’ll take that all day and not even
think about it. It’s easy for me to say that I feel a billion % better about
this signing than Mario Williams. This is great news for Miami’s pass rush.
I’ve been of the feeling that Miami has been kind of a paper pass-rush, which
is to say that they have good names on the line and at times they produce
numbers but never deliver any moments where they take over in big games. Quinn
always seemed like one of those players that doesn’t give a rip and just goes
out and produces regardless of what stupid stuff is going on around him. That’s
good because stupid stuff is constantly surrounding the Dolphins. What will be
debated is what does this mean for Cam Wake and Ndamukong Suh. Quinn is owed
$10.3 million this year and $11.8 next year. Cam Wake is scheduled to make $7
million this year and as we all know he’s a candidate to possibly to get
released due to his age and dropping performance. Sucks that might happen but
that’s the NFL. Perhaps the Quinn signing is a way to justify letting him go as
awful and sad as that sounds. Suh makes $26 million this year and has been
spoken all over the inter-web as being a dude that might get cut in June so
that Miami could save money. I don’t think he gets cut because he’s still a
top-level guy at his position even thought he might not be the #1 guy at his
position. That happens, and Miami should realize being in the top 5 at your
spot might warrant paying him as the #1 guy. That’s how sports works. Suh
hasn’t dropped off the map or anywhere near that.

Not sure where this puts
Miami in terms of the cap, but it most certainly points to someone substantial
getting cut. This also makes the Dolphins draft a bit interesting. Not that it
be impossible to for Miami to draft another OLB like a Raquan Smith, but it
seems unlikely now since they acquired Quinn. I’m sure the folks who like to
rack their brains with what a franchise might do with their picks without
actually being part of the actual organization in any capacity will say that
this puts Miami more in the running for a QB, but full disclosure; only about
5-7 people or less actually know what they’re going to do although I wouldn’t
be shocked if they went QB based of recent rumblings. Essentially, nothing ever
really surprises me. But, I won’t hate on folks who like to speculate. Just
don’t act you really know because weird stuff happens all the time that catches
everyone of guard all the time when it comes to draft stuff. Just know that
Miami isn’t sitting idling by just trying to figure out the Landry situation.
They’ve got their eye on other stuff like a smart franchise does. I’m all for
that and you should be too.