Last year Adam Gase famously said the Miami Dolphins had three hotheads on their roster. Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry and Gase himself. Fast forward
now to March of 2018 and only one of those “hotheads” is still with the organization
and it is Adam Gase.

If you needed any more proof that Adam Gase runs 100% of the
show in Miami look no further than this past week. If Adam Gase wanted Jarvis
Landry to stay in Miami he could have made that happen. Period. End of story.
Not even up for debate.

The Dolphins and Landry were not that far apart on the financials with the money Landry and his agent were looking for. At the end of the day
though Gase didn’t go to bat for Jarvis Landry and pound the table stating I
need this guy to win games. Gase didn’t feel strongly enough to play his power
card and demand Landry stay a member of the Miami Dolphins. Gase, as we have
seen numerous times in his short time in Miami, seems to have a very thin skin
and is stubborn beyond belief. Adam Gase didn’t like having other “hotheads”
on his roster and he wants everyone to march in line behind him where he, the King
Hothead, barks orders and you do as told.

The fact that a hothead player like Ajayi wouldn’t take Gase’s hidden
and sometimes not so hidden messages to heart and would openly disobey him didn’t sit well
with Gase. The fact that no matter what Landry did on the field in terms of
production, he was still a pain in the neck most of the time off. Whether throwing
a temper tantrum on the sideline in the middle of a game and yelling at Gase.
Or whether acting like a lunatic in Week 17 and getting ejected in the 4th
quarter vs the Buffalo Bills.

Adam Gase lives by the adage; do as I say not as I do. If Gase
wants to get hotheaded and fly off the handle that is ok, but if you are one
of his players you better not act that way as you won’t last long on Gase’s team.

Adam Gase has only been a NFL head coach for 2 years and the jury
is still out on him. Was year one a fluke and did Gase get lucky? Was year 2
the fluke with a bunch of bad breaks out of his control which led to a bad
season. We don’t know yet. What we do know is in 2018 Adam Gase has no excuses
and this roster is being molded in the shape, personality wise at least, of
what his vision is.

In the past calendar year Gase has run off a bunch of
assistant coaches, Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, and who knows maybe by the time
some of you are reading this Ndamukong Suh. When you pull “power moves” like
that you best win games to back it up. If the 2018 season is a failure for the
Miami Dolphins the next move to make isn’t with any player but with the head
coach himself and the people who hired said head coach.