Lotta trench action going on in Miami today. Let’s start with
Pouncey asking for his release. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to assume
that Pouncey wasn’t a real #trusttheculture guy. Not saying that being Aaron
Hernandez’s wingman doesn’t mean that you’re all about positive atmosphere but
when you’re one of Aaron Hernandez’s past wingmen you probably aren’t all about
being told what to do. I think we figured Pouncey wasn’t long for this team. To
many injuries and the fore mentioned locker room culture stuff just about did
him in. When he played, he was one of the best centers in the league.
Unfortunately, you could always pencil him in for missing 4-6 games a year.
Can’t have that, can’t pay for that.

signed guard Josh Sitton today. He was a sneaky good player that was out there
to get signed and Miami had their eye on him for a bit. Sitton has been in the
league for a decade and I wouldn’t be shocked if many didn’t know who he was.
He’s been a 4-time pro bowler and won a super bowl with the Packers back in
2011. The guy can play. He may not wow you with physical dominance but he’s a
tough out. Using the NCAA tournament as a reference, Sitton is Wichita St.
Won’t necessary win the whole thing but is always there and always plays tough.
He’ll come right in and solidify Miami’s O-line. Also, and this is important,
Sitton looks like he might be a member of the Wyatt Family, even the way he
talks. Very cerebral, the kind of guy who can lead a pack of men who realizes
the secrets to success.

The Dolphin’s trench warfare didn’t stop with Wichita St. Josh Sitton, they went and traded for C Daniel Kilgore from 49ers, who will be seemingly Pouncey’s backup. He was ranked on pro football focus as the 23rd ranked center last year, and yes, I’m rather sure of that ranking this time. I really couldn’t tell you to much about him besides what I saw when I looked him up. He’s 30 years old, drafted in 2011 from Appalachian St. and he played in all games last year. Maybe he comes in and starts mauling people. Maybe he comes in and gets tossed around and Miami scrambles to get him out of the lineup in wee 5. I will say that Kilgore is a pretty cool, tough guy sounding name. Hopefully he plays as good as his name states he should.