The Miami Dolphins signed former Chiefs Wide Receiver Albert
Wilson to a 3yr $24 Million contract this week. I do believe Wilson can be a
huge part of the Miami Dolphins offense for the next three years as the skill
set he possesses is exciting and exactly what your prototypical NFL WR is these days. In his 4 first seasons in the NFL Wilson has
racked up 124 Receptions, 1,544 receiving yards and 7 TD’s. It’s not the best
stat line you’ll see compared to other Wide Receivers around the league but is good considering he wasn’t always on the field and it is something that the Dolphins hope he will continue to build off. I would
compare him to a player like Jakeem Grant, Wilson though just has gotten more of a chance
on the field to play and is slightly bigger. Both have a lot of speed as 4 years ago Wilson ran a 4.43
second 40-yard dash in the combine.

Now who
will be throwing Wilson the ball in a couple years? If the Dolphins don’t draft
a Quarterback in the 1st round of this year’s draft, there is still hope for a
Quarterback like Mason Rudolph out of Oklahoma State University in Rd 2.
Rudolph is a very complete Quarterback and he led FBS NCAA Football with 4,904
passing yards and the one to do that last year was Chiefs Quarterback Patrick
Mahomes. So, even if Miami doesn’t land a top quarterback in round 1 of
the draft someone like Rudolph might be a solid pick in the second round for
the Dolphins.

We are seeing a culture change in Miami for sure and a lot of
familiar faces are now gone. I am excited to see Albert Wilson though in Miami
as I do think he can explode onto the scene in 2018 and have a nice career in
the aqua and orange. I also think come year two or three he will have a new
quarterback throwing him the football and it will be interesting to see who
that is.