One thing I’ll say Miami is persistent. They simply just don’t
when to give up. They’re like that guy who keeps embarrassing himself trying to
impress and then signs up for the dance class she was taking just to show her
that he has a different, non-buffoon side to him. Not that I know anything
about that of course. Even with the Jets trading all their 2nd round picks for the next few years to move up 3 spots, the Dolphins are still looking
to get their apparent white whale. We’ve been hearing for weeks that Gase has
been all over Mayfield and is quite taken with him. He wanted to spend a nice
evening talking X’s and O’s over Veal Marsala and a sharp Barbera before
Baker’s pro day on March 14, but it wasn’t meant to be. So Gase, not one to
take getting shut down without a fight, had Mayfield throw for him exclusively.
I’m sure it was a wonderful encounter.

All the talk right now is that all 4 of the main QBs, Rosen,
Allen, Darnold and Mayfield could easily be gone by pick 6. If that’s true,
then Miami will have to do some significant moving and shaking to get up into
the top 5. If the Jets had to give up three #2s to up 3 spots, then Miami will
have to give up at least that and probably more. I’m not sure if that’s worth
it, but if Gase has his heart set with Mayfield being his one and only then who
am I to tell the guy who knows more about football then me that isn’t the best
route to take? I realize Tannehill has been labeled the starter and that he
also did a sneaky smart move by looking like a “team” guy and
restructuring his contract which freed up some more cap space for the team. I
realize Gase said he was the starter come next year but I think we can all
understand words in March don’t mean anything. Tannehill could be traded in an
hour and I or anyone else shouldn’t be that surprised. I also couldn’t tell you
at all if taking Mayfield that high is the way to go or not. Flip a coin on
him. I do think this team needs and will be heading in another direction at QB
so might as well rip that band-aid off now if you think one of those guys are
the real deal.