Albert Wilson was more of an under the radar wide receiver that the Dolphins were able to sign. The Dolphins were able to sign Wilson for about half of the price that Landry would have cost.

Wilson has shown ability to be a consistent playmaker for the Chiefs offense. Wilson was a little overlooked with Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, but Wilson was targeted on 3rd downs quite often.

I broke down a few plays of Wilson to show Dolphin fans what they are getting in the Chiefs former playmaker.

The first play shows Wilson coming up clutch on a first down throw in double coverage. Wilson beats the nickel corner with inside leverage to get the easy first down.

This next play is on 3rd and 14. Wilson knows where the first down marker is and run his route deep enough. He makes himself available to the quarter back to come up with the clutch first down.

Since I know how much Dolphin fans LOVE wide receiver screens, let me show how good Wilson is on those plays. Look how shifty he is on every screen play. He knows what to do with the ball in his hands and knows to get up field.

Oh and on those screens, look how good Wilson is at blocking. He is in the slot to the left tackle’s side. He completely drives the DB off the line of scrimmage with ease.

Where I really like Wilson, he is clutch and runs good routes. The next two plays show him running an in-out route to pick up the first down. The second play is him catching the ball and getting his team in to field goal range at the end of the game.

Wilson offers similar skills that Landry offered, except he has more vertical speed. Wilson has shown to be clutch when the team needs him most. He is shifty enough to make defenders miss to make more out of the plays. He is also good a quality blocker and is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. All of this for half the cost of Jarvis Landry.