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Ahh, the question that is on everyone’s mind.  What to think of Miami Dolphins coach Adam
Gase?  In two seasons in Miami he is
16-16.  Yes, 2017 proved to be a
difficult situation for Miami.  Littered
with scheduling difficulties, player injuries, trades, player ego’s etc. 2017
proved to be a difficult year for any coach, especially one Adam Gase. 
Is he the young Don Shula Miami owner Stephen Ross so
desperately seeks, or another high-profile HC hire that failed to live up to
the hype? 
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Bum Phillips
We ALL know the Don Shula legend that had South Florida a
buzz for more than 30+ years.  Let’s face
it, Shula was/is a once in a lifetime type coach.  As the great Bum Phillips, real name Oail, once declared:
can take his’n and beat your’n and take your’n and beat his’n.” – Bum Phillips
Gase was hired in 2016 because many thought he was an up and
coming HC in waiting with a brilliant offensive mind.  Miami thought they had that same coach, Clueless
Joe Failbin (2012) after his stellar coaching of the Offense, {{cough, cough}} QB Coaching of
Aaro..{{cough, cough}}, O-line
coachi……Nevermind.  Joe Philbin’s
reputation was built off the greatness that is A-A-Ron Rodgers.
Clueless Joe never coached Miami to the playoffs.  Failbin
shook the confidence of QB Ryan Tannehill in 2014 (Go-Go), but at the end of
the day, Failbin was propped up by a
damned good Green Bay Packers team, Quarterbacked by one Aaron Rodgers.  This brings us back to Gase.
Gase is admired by many around the league.  He was a hot candidate after the 2015
season.  He interviewed for many jobs
around the NFL, most notably, the Denver Broncos.  Denver passed on Gase, hired Gary Kubiak and
won Super Bowl 50.  Hmmm?  What happened to Adam?
He followed HC John Fox to Chicago.  During this one year tenure as OC, Chicago
went 6-10.  The offense ranked 21st in yards, and
23rd in Points for.  Hardly
stellar numbers for today’s NFL.  Some will
say Jay Cutler had his best statistical season under Gase. 
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Adam Gase with Peyton Manning 2013
Gase spent his best OC years coaching one Peyton
Manning.  Manning, coming off of major
neck surgery, had his best 3 year stretch run of his career during his tenure
with Gase.  Does this speak to Manning
being arguably the best QB of all time, Gase being able to game plan, or a
combination of both?  I say BOTH.  
Manning is arguably
the best QB to ever play the game, as well as one of the BEST students of the
game.  He holds Gase in high regard.  The combination of Gase/Manning produced the BEST statistical season of any QB in
NFL history. 
Adam Gase is a
Nick Saban product having spent time with him at Michigan State/LSU before
jumping to the NFL with Detroit in 2005. 
In Detroit, Gase was under the tutelage of Mike Martz, the professor of
the vaunted Rams “Greatest Show on Turf” Offense.  His next stops included Denver as QB Coach,
turned OC, Chicago as OC, then Miami as HC.
Though he is relatively young (40), Gase must know winning
is the ONLY job security in the NFL.  I
believe Gase has the full support of management, staff, and owner.  However, a storied franchise such as Miami is
looking to be back on top.  Fans clamor
for the day to call their beloved Dolphins Champs. 
Was 2017 a bump in the road of HC Adam Gases’ career in
Miami, or will Stephen Ross begin another HC search following the 2018 season?  Gase was able to get his team to the 2016 post
season following a 1-4 start despite losing their starting QB in week 13. 2017, Miami lost their starting QB in training camp, lost their bye week due to mother nature, and lost their chances to win with the failed signing of….  JAY CUTLER?

Year 3 of the Gase era is upon us starting
with the Thursday NFL draft.  Gase has more roster impact this year than ever before.  From trimming the roster of big payroll, to signing guys who WIN, this is now the Adam Gase show.  VP Mike Tannenbaum, as well as GM Chris Grier, will be sure to look for HC Adam Gases’ blessings with each pick.

Will Adam
Gase begin to hit his stride as an elite NFL coach or fade into the abyss that
is the NFL coaching carousel? 

Time……..  Some said Bill
Belichick was a product of Parcells. 
Others will say Parcells never won without Belichick.  Both are true.  Was Gase a product of Peyton Manning or is he
capable of making his own path?  I
believe the latter.  I believe Adam Gase
will be a great HC in the NFL, leading Miami to many playoff berths and perhaps
a Super Bowl appearanceor two…….. 
will tell
Let us know your thoughts on our HC Adam Gase.  Is he the pot of Gold to lead Miami OR a pile of fool’s gold that
will fade soon?  Post your comments below