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The annual NFL Draft is less
than a week away.  Quarterback is the hot topic for the Miami Dolphins. 
But WHY?  They have 2012 1st round pick Ryan Tannehill slated
to come back after missing 20+ games with an ACL tear. 

No, this injury should not be overlooked, but consider this.  Adam Gase
came to Miami because of Ryan Tannehill.  Those were his words, not mine. 
Tannehill, who turns 30 in July, is still considered to be in his prime. 
This will be his 3rd year of the Adam Gase offense.  Why does all
this matter?

Rich Gannon.  Yes, the
2002 NFL MVP, 4x Pro Bowler, 2x 1st team All-Pro Rich Gannon. 
Considered a middle of the road, average QB turned NFL MVP.  How? 
Jon Gruden.  In 1998 Oakland hired the young hot shot former Philadelphia
OC to become the Head Coach at 35 years of age.  
 Could Tannehill become Gannon? 
No one knows, but let’s look at some numbers

Gannon spent 10 seasons with
3 teams (Minnesota, Washington, KC) prior to signing on with Oakland prior to
the 1999 season.  This was Gruden’s 2nd season as HC in Oakland. 
Prior to his Oakland debut, Gannon was 31-27, 56.8 Comp %, 63 TD’s, 47 INT’s,
75.6 QBR.  Hmm?  No one knew what to make of Gannon upon his arrival,
but by year 3 in Grudens system, Gannon was 30-18, 63.8 Comp %, 79 TD’s, 34
INT’s, 93.3 QBR.  Quite a jump.  (Year 4 was MVP year, but Callahan
was still running Jon’s system)

Did his success just happen
by chance?  No, coaching changed his success.  Tannehill has the
chance to follow a similar path.  Tannehill was heavily involved in the
failed 2017 campaign while rehabbing his knee.  To me that speaks of
someone who wants to be great.  Will he be, probably not, but neither was
Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, Nick Foles, Trent Dilfer…. you get the point. 
To me, Tannehill can be better than the aforementioned QB’s, a pro bowl level

Could this draft provide a
windfall of good-great QB’s?  SURE.  But it could also be that 2011
class of Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder type draft.  No one
knows.  The draft is a crap shoot, but, while I like some prospects in
this draft, I have to trust a man who has forgotten more football than I’ll
ever know. This coach knows what his QB is capable of as well. 

One last
thing, with all the QB hoopla in the draft, let me give you 3 QB stat lines
from the same draft, and you tell me which one you prefer (without google). 

QB A:  62.7 Comp %; 18,455 Yards;  106 TD’s; 66 INT’s; 
86.5 QBR; 37-40 Record

QB B:  59.2 Comp %; 19,078 Yards; 132 TD’s; 68 INT’s; 
87.3 QBR; 43-27 Record

QB C:  65.5 Comp %; 16,206 Yards; 99 TD’s; 55 INT’s; 93.7
QBR; 26-30-1 Record

If you chose QB C, congrats,
he’s NEVER been to the playoffs, nor had his team in position to make the
playoffs.  If you chose QB B, congrats, he’s a .500 QB outside of his
division and 20-5 in his division.  QB A, has never been to the playoffs,
and .500 within his division.  Which QB did you pick?  Let us know in
the comments below.

variables go into NFL football and QB play.  Don’t count out Ryan
Tannehill just yet.