Would have loved to of blogged this yesterday but the world of
competitive high school baseball and eating wings is a fierce one even in the
still frozen mountains of north east PA. You know how it is.
Dolphins cracked the code that is figuring out a way to schedule a meeting with
the ever elusive Lamar Jackson and naturally brought in one of the stars from
Ace Ventura Pet Detective and frequent thrower of the football in Miami Dan
Marino to show the young man the fine art of quick releases and what it takes
to make the NFL Top 10 Most Mobile QBs. I love when I hear that Dan is working
with some young QB because apparently, I’m supposed to care more about it
because he’s working with them as opposed to anyone else. Yeah, I realize how
important Dan still is to the franchise, but I bet he’s worked with all the top
QBs and even more.

been on record, and by record, I mean when some friends of mine have talked
about who we want our teams to draft, that I would be all for Miami drafting
Jackson in the 2nd round if he’s still available. Today, that seems to be a
huge IF because all you’re hearing about is how there will be 50 QBs drafted in
the first round. But, it’s important to understand that nobody knows anything
right now and taking any of the talking heads out their “insight” as
gospel is something I would advise against. Essentially, if you wanted too, you
could find someone somewhere claiming to have heard talk about all scenarios. It
does seem that the top 4 QBs will be all going in the top 10. Would I be
shocked if one of them slip to Miami at 11? Not at all, but there are enough
teams in the top 10 that need a QB that are likely landing spots for the top 4

I know
some have serious reservations about Jackson. That he’s more athlete than he is
quarterback. I’m not here to get into that rhetoric and what that could
ultimately mean about your ideology. If you want to go down that rabbit hole go
check out First Take or its clone Undisputed if you can find when it’s on. We
all know Jackson can fly, we all know how dangerous he can be on the football
field with the ball in his hands. We know he won the Heisman two years ago. His
stats in college are beyond video game numbers. He threw for 9,043 yards and
69(nice) TDs. He also ran for a casual 4,132 yards with 50 TDs. The guy was
everything for Louisville. But, folks had and still have doubts about his
throwing mechanics.
Then there was this throw that I saw live that
made me loosen my tie and I wasn’t even wearing one

The idea that Lamar is a project is probably a fair one but just
about every QB that comes out in my estimation is a project until their number
gets called. Then they are the starter and the chips fall where they may. The
guy makes plays with his feet. He has that club in the bag, but he also can
throw it. I don’t think he will ever be a methodical, pick you a part up and
down the field type of player but I feel he will be certainly capable of
leading many scoring drives. The key is, and it’s one I feel often gets
misplaced, whoever drafts him, are they going to let him be Lamar Jackson or
are they going to try and have him be someone he’s not and sort of leave his
athletic ability on the shelf to collect dust? RG3, Kaepernick who have similar
skill sets but their coaches wanted them to be classic, standard QBs and they
got hurt or shunned by the league thought to be incapable of
throwing the ball good. Russell Wilson on the other hand, his skills
highlighted in the Seattle offense. Pete lets him do what he must and if that
means running around then so be it. I would like to think Gase and company
wouldn’t suppress Jackson’s skill set because they want them to adjust to their
system. Be smarter than that.

We already
have a huge, massive amount of evidence that Lamar Jackson is all about playing
for Miami with him liking a picture on Twitter back in November.

Don’t know if Miami will be trying to trade down to get one of the
top 4 QBs or staying at 11 hoping one of them fall to them but it certainly
seems very possible that Miami will be drafting a QB with one of their early
picks. We all know Tannehill isn’t long for Miami, regardless of what Gase or
anyone says. I’d love for Miami to take Jackson and then must insert him into
the lineup mid-year and then he scorches the Earth and Miami has this real
potent, score at any moment type offense. It is nice to have that kind of
situation happen to Miami just once in my lifetime. 

Dan the Man making the top 10 for most mobile QBs. Guy slip-slided away from
pressure like it was his job