Happy NFL Draft Day! Its finally here. Some random
thoughts as we head into tonight and the weekend:
I DO NOT want the Dolphins to mortgage the
future for any player especially a QB in this class.  If Mike Tannebaum gets on the phone and starts talking about trading up
– Chris Grier should deck him and lock him in a closet until the 7th round. I don’t think they will (trade up that is) nor
would it make sense. Why? Unless this Front Office & Adam Gase fill some
immediate pressing needs (LB, TE,DT) they may be looking for jobs next year.

The Quarterback I like the most in this draft is
Lamar Jackson

My top choice (like many Dolfans) would be linebacker
Roquan Smith, though I think he is gone by the time the Fins are on the clock
(which should be sometime between 10:00pm – 10:30pm barring any trades.)

Though Smith would be my top choice, I would be
thrilled with Minkah Fitzpatrick, Rashaan Evans or Vita Vea. It should also go
without saying that I would be ok with trading down and acquiring more picks.

I don’t understand the Dolfans hatred for DT
Vita Vea. Those who are saying that DT’s don’t change the game are far off. I
get the argument, I just don’t agree with it. Aaron Donald was the 13th
pick in 2014. Haloti Ngata was the 12th pick in 2006. Yeah, I’d take
their careers in a heartbeat.

I do understand Dolfans angst when a “Draft guru”
tweeted out something about the Fins taking OT Mike McGlinchey.  If that happens I envision many televisions
destroyed throughout Dolphin Nation.

Throughout the process we have heard several
Dolphins that may be available for trades over the weekend – Davonte Parker,
Cam Wake, Ja’Wuan James being the most prominent. What about Reshad Jones?  He is part of both the safety play that Gase
was not thrilled with and the leadership that didn’t hold players accountable.
He may be the most valuable piece the Fins have left to trade, and after
getting rid of Landry, Suh and Pouncey in the same offseason – who knows?  Just a weird thought I cant get out of my
Everyone don’t get too crazy. Eat, drink, be safe and enjoy
Draft Weekend!!!