Can’t say I hate the move the Dolphins made today. Now, I don’t think that Miami is done with the TE position. I believe they will be taking one possibly in the 2nd round and definitely no later than the 5th. Granted, I have no knowledge that this will happen but as the famous highway cop Rabbit once said, it could be my 6th even 7th sense that’s telling me Miami will be drafting a TE between those rounds. I wrote a few months that I hope Miami drafts Mike Gesicki. Read all about it here. Miami has a slight history of signing former Dallas TEs and making something out of them with the likes of Anthony Fasano and that’s it. Escobar was a second round pick in 2013 but has never lived up to that second round status. Being on 4 teams since being drafted will earn you being called a guy who never lived up to being a second round pick.

That all being said, I’m being 110% honest that Gavin Escoabr won me a Madden championship back in 2013. I wouldn’t lie about that just for the sake of a fantastic blog. Some friends and I did a fantasy draft and of course I was Miami. My QB was Stafford, who always got hurt, but Matt Cassell was always there to fill in. My RBs were Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers, who was a catalyst for my team because I was smart and put Rodgers at FB and threw to him all day. It’s important to note, that this was the second year of our fantasy league because my starting TE was a computer generated, late round draft pick named Jesus Favor who was originally a WR. But, since I never take me coaching hat off, I decided it was in the best interest of the team to make Jesus a TE and let me tell you, best move I ever made. He had a 89 speed at WR, which is what you avoid in Madden but at TE he was the Blur. Also, for some reason, Jesus Favor caught everything. It was actually becoming unfair because he would get drilled by 3 guys before catching and somehow would catch the ball. Very frustrating for my opponents but excellent for me. Since Jesus got so much action he got hurt often and in the AFCCG, he went down and before the super bowl I needed a TE because it was such a big part of my offense. TE was a important position for me because there was a PA action play out of the I-Form where the tight end just runs a post and would often be uncovered. I hit the free agents and there was Escobar sitting with somewhere around a 83 speed, which made him the fastest available. Good enough for me. I put him in the starting lineup and the rest was history. The guy had 110 yards and a score. He was calm, cool and collected, you thought he was made for that moment. His teammates loved him and he instantly became a hero in Miami not unlike Nick Foles did for Philadelphia this past year. Here’s hoping that he still has some of that magic that he had for me in Madden 2013.

PS- These plays were absolutely money plays in Madden 2013

 I’d run this out of the power I with Rodgers. Get him on a LB and it was over. ALways good for at least a 7 yard gain. So money

I wouldn’t run this with the fake end around, just a regular PA. Corner would just stay up and the safety would go to the middle of the field once the TE made the cut to the outside. Filthy filthy play

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