– The Denver Broncos reportedly nearly traded
running back C.J. Andersonto the Miami Dolphins. According to Troy E. Renck of ABC Denver, “the
Broncos had a verbal agreement in place to send Anderson to Miami for right
tackle Ja’Wuan James before Miami surprisingly nixed the deal.” Renck
noted Anderson is set to make $4.5 million in 2018 but would not come with any
dead cap money if he were moved, making him “vulnerable.”
all the way back to the beginning of March. It was a much different time. No
one ever heard of UMBC, Chinese Satellites weren’t falling to Earth and people
named Stormy didn’t have a chance to get the president of America fired. One
thing you may have missed was that Miami was on the verge of trading for
running back CJ Anderson. The idea was to send Ja’Wuan James for Anderson and a
3rd. But alas, it didn’t happen and Miami picked up James’s 5th year option for
$9.3m. Apparently, Miami are the ones who pulled out of the deal seemingly at
the last second and I’m glad they did. 
would have been a fine addition. He would have been a guy that if he stayed
healthy would have been hovering around 1,000 yards. CJ averaged 4.1 yards a
carry last year, which was a bit down from his previous two seasons but
recorded his first 1,000 yard season. He’s also only 26, which means in NFL
terms he only has about 3-4 seasons of relevance left in him until he hits that
dreaded wall that engulfs 30 year old backs unless you’re Frank Gore who spits
in the face of that idea who Miami signed on the cheap for a year. I’m on
record with not loving the Gore signing but I’d rather roll the dice with him
for nothing then trade a solid OT for a running back that at best is a top
10-15 running back. Let’s face it, if we traded for Anderson, he’d be here no
longer than two years. That’s just how guys like him work. I’m sure Miami will
draft someone in a few weeks. Possibly in the 2nd (hope not) but definitely
somewhere. I’m not going to get into the rhetoric that you can find a RB
anywhere in the draft because I know you’re smart enough and have heard that
idea a billion times in the last 10 years, but you can find a RB anywhere in the
James comes in, destroys everyone across from him and he becomes a major
priority next year to sign. Or, James does an average to slightly above average
job and Miami has to really sit down and think about it what to do with him.
Hopefully, it’s the former.
favorite part of this news is that I’m glad that Gase and company fought the
urge to bring in another former Bronco. Though I love me some Brocket Launcher
and think he has the chance to be the second coming of Matt Flynn, a personal
hero of mine, Julius Thomas and Jay Cutler were big time swing and misses.
Can’t wait until next off-season when Miami brings in either Sanders or Thomas
to play some WR. I’ve never been surer of anything in my life that will happen,
pending Gase is still here of course. Either way, have an excellent day

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UPDATE: This was reported after this article was written