We know the Dolphins have had Sony Michel in for a private workout and meeting. We all know the top running backs in this draft like Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, but I have a name to keep an eye out on.

I have seen mock drafts with the Dolphins taking Chubb or Michel, but I think if the Dolphins don’t draft a running back in the 2nd, they could grab one in the 4th or 5th round.

If they wait until that point, Justin Crawford from WVU might be a perfect fit for the Dolphins outside zone offense.

Justin Crawford (25)

Crawford is the lead blocker on a quarterback option and he lays out a NFL prospect in Anthony Sherrils (22). He is selfless and tough, both physically and mentally. 

Speaking of toughness, look how he keeps his feet driving, allowing his OL to push him forward for the first down. That’s short yardage ability. He does not like to go down easy. 
Crawford takes the dump off pass on 3rd and 3 and makes 2 defenders miss for the first down. Similar to what Landry offered as a slot receiver, except he offers it from a running back perspective. 

He shows patience and vision here. Allows his blocks to set up, cuts back in and then cuts back outside.

Finally, he feels the flow of the OL, makes a cut and explodes upfield. Once he gets the first down, he’s not satisfied, he makes two defenders miss for an extra 19 yards.

I found Crawford while I was breaking down film a while back on a few defenders. I ignored scouting reports because of what I already saw. This kid is elusive, quick and tough. He has some down falls like his long speed and inconsistent pass blocking, but according to some draft experts, he’s a very hard worker motivated by his wife and kids. 
Much like Sony Michel, he hasn’t carried that ball a crazy amount of times in his career. 163 in 2016 and 190 in 2017. That totals 353 carries in two seasons. Yet he has made the most of his opportunities by rushing for a total of 2245 yards and 11 TDs. (2016: 1184yds 4 tds) (2017: 1061yds 7 tds). In his career, he has averaged 6.35 yards per carry. 
If you want to know what he can offer a team, look at a guy like Chris Thompson in Washington.