The Miami Dolphins added a quarterback on Friday when they claimed Bryce Petty off of waivers after he was released earlier this week by the NY Jets.
Petty’s time in New York was a bit of a nightmare as statically he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league the past two seasons. Petty got poor coaching in New York and had little support around him on the offensive line and with weapons in the passing game.
Petty will be 27 years old in a month and is a long shot to make the Miami Dolphins roster in 2018 at this time. Do not count him out though and think he has no shot of making this team. Bryce Petty will be competing with David Fales and Brock Osweiler for the #2 quarterback position with the Dolphins and it is not like that is impossible competition to beat out. Not to mention Petty will get the best coaching of his life in Miami under Adam Gase.
I would not be stunned in the least if with a change of scenery  and some better coaching Bryce Petty improves as a player and does possibly win the #2 quarterback spot on the Dolphins roster. He will have a full summer to prove himself and a lot of opportunity. It isn’t like Osweiler and Fales are exactly Montana and Young here. 
I am happy Miami rolled the dice on someone like Petty who has real life game experience in the NFL and not some undrafted rookie from some small school who would be totally overmatched in training camp. Lots of quarterbacks have had rough starts in the NFL early in their careers and then turned it around on another team in a different situation. 
Again, not saying Bryce Petty is a future starter or anything and come mid August he most likely will be on the street looking for a job again. But could he be our next Matt Moore type possibly if the lightbulb goes off and he gets some fine tuning with the Dolphins coaches? Not totally out of the realm of possibilities.