The answer is no. No, I don’t just sit around all day and think
about Mike Gesicki and how him and I should hit up the Saloon and get a monkey boy
or hit up Zeno’s and get a quality craft brew in State College after a game of
HORSE because it would be such a rad time. I don’t just sit around and have
visions of him leaping over the entire league catching TD after TD. And no, not
every blog I write going forward will be Mike Gesicki inspired. That would be
madness and I don’t have time for madness unless Mike says there’s time for

What I
do is think about is the future and when I thought about Gesicki the
Dolphin’s offense this morning the thought crawled into my head was whether
Miami was going to start running more TE sets because everyone in the world
knows Gesicki is not here to block and having him out there will indicate to
everyone that Miami is passing. Nothing annoyed more than two years ago, when
Miami was pretty much tipping their hand on when they would snap the ball with
their sophisticated snap count of wait for it “Go Go”. The announcers
knew it, the defense knew it, people who weren’t born yet knew it and it was
all very Dolphins because they never changed it up, so I’m really hoping that
Miami doesn’t fall into another frustrating from a fan’s perspective situation.
I’m sure Mike will not get any worse at blocking than he already is but I have
serious doubts it will be something that he will be asked to improve upon that
much and I’m positive it’s something he doesn’t want to even do. Gase and
company brought him to the team to go up and snag jump balls over everyone else
and run the seams elegantly. They didn’t bring him here to kickout/log the
ends. That’s just a fact. But I worry that if I know that that everyone else
must know that throughout the league.

safe to say that Gesicki will be the opening day starter at TE but who will be
the #2 TE? Though they drafted Smythe in the 4th, I would guess that he won’t
be the backup immediately so that really only leaves Gavin Escobar a man that
y’all know won
me a Madden title in 2013
 who they signed  few months ago.
Whoever it is, if Miami does run more 2 TE sets, they will be asked to have a
pivotal role on the offense and will also be asked to catch more balls than
originally expected just to keep teams honest. It’s like when Miami would run
the read option with Tannehill. 95% of the time he handed it off but once in a
while he’d keep it and get 8 yards. Teams had to honor that (probably not as
much anymore) and it was effective. Miami ran a lot of that last year even with
Cutler. Cutler I don’t think ever kept it and wasn’t nearly effective. Football
101 stuff.

I don’t
see a drastic way that the offense will look much different than last year.
It’s not like they’re going to start running more plays from under center
giving the luxury of having more opportunities of having 2 TEs on the field.
They’ll be in the gun often, so does this mean that most of their running game
will be running away from Gesicki? Does Gesicki line up in the slot often,
which would allow a second TE to be on the line? These are the questions that
keep me up at night along with whether Mike would want to split a Hangar 1 from
Wings Over Happy Valley and discuss the best things we ever heard from the
Willard Preacher. What I can tell you is that Penn State had no problem having
Gesicki on the field often but when you’re running the ball with Saquon Barkley
in the backfield and its college football, you can get away with things a bit.
What I also can tell you is that the PSU coaches came up with very smart ways
of moving Gesicki around in motion and lined him up everywhere to take
advantage of matchups wherever they could find them and with him being 6’6
there were and still are plenty out there. I do have a lot of faith that Gase
will design intelligent, creative ways to use Gesicki the way he’s built to be
used. I also have a lot of faith that one day Mike and I will have a catch sometime,
but both realities will have to wait. I got all the time in the world.

realize that I made a lot of references to PSU that only people who went or are
familiar with Penn State will know. I’m ok with that

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