we wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best on the day of this Royal
Wedding I wanted to do an article tying in “royalty” as it pertains to our
beloved Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins organization is rich in history and who in
that history would you consider “Dolphins Royalty” and who would be a part of
that Dolphins Royal Family. Yes, there is the obvious of Dan Marino and Don Shula
but it goes beyond just them and I think others have to be recognized as given
the label of “Miami Dolphins Royalty.” And like all Royals we must bestow them
a title and a royal name.

Robbie (Royal Name: King Joe of Florida)

obvious reasons the founder and very first owner of the Miami Dolphins. Without
Joe Robbie bringing football to South Florida who knows when a team would have
been placed there and what it would have looked like. Would they even have been
the Miami Dolphins? Or would they have been called something else. Robbie not
only brought professional football to the region, but he also brought Don Shula
to Miami.

Shula (Royal Name: Prince Don Prince of Miami)

of the if not the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL and the man who
put the Miami Dolphins on the map. The laundry list of accomplishments is long;
winningest coach in the history of the NFL, only coach to lead a team to a
perfect season, two-time Super Bowl winner, inducted into the Pro Football Hall
of Fame. The man responsible for bringing Dan Marino to Miami. Joe Robbie
brought professional football to South Florida, but Don Shula made professional
football a big deal in South Florida.

Marino (Royal Name: Daniel Duke of Davie)

you are putting together any list of the greatest quarterbacks and greatest players
in NFL history Dan Marino is in the conversation and somewhere on that list.
The lack of a Super Bowl ring doesn’t change anything as he is one of the all-time
greats to ever play the sport. He brought an excitement to South Florida with
the style of quarterback he was and the style of offense the team played. With
Dan Marino at quarterback the Miami Dolphins were never out of a game and
almost never had a poor season. The first player to make my list of Dolphins
Royalty and when any Dolphins fan sees him in public you should genuflect in his presence and
thank him.

Csonka (Royal Name: Lawrence Earl of Fort Lauderdale)

dominate Dolphins teams of the 1970’s won a lot of games not because of one superstar
player but because they were a true team. If one had to select the face of the
franchise during that time-period though it would be Larry Csonka. A two-time
Super Bowl Champion and he also won one Super Bowl MVP award. Five-time Pro
Bowl fullback, three time All Pro Fullback, and is also inducted into the Pro
Football Hall of Fame. You heard the stories of how tough of a coach Don Shula
was and if any one player embodied that toughness on the field and exhibited it
no question it was Larry Csonka.

Griese (Royal Name: Captain Robert Griese)

only quarterback in the history of the organization to lead the franchise to a
Super Bowl Championship. His numbers won’t blow you away, but he led this team
to many victories and was a key part in keeping that offense moving during the 1970’s.
Griese was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of fame and is often overlooked
and underrated because the statistics as I said do not look overly impressive.
Do not be fooled though as for the era he played in Bob Griese was one of the
best quarterbacks of his time.

Taylor (Royal Name: Vice Admiral Jason Taylor) 

haven’t been many modern players with the Dolphins you can consider as Dolphins
legends or Royalty, but Jason Taylor is as close as it gets and squeaks in and
makes the list. A surprise first ballot hall of fame player who was a three
time All Pro and won a Defensive Player of the Year award for the Dolphins,
Jason is on the list of all time greats to play for the Miami Dolphins. In the
line of succession like Prince Harry he is down on the list for sure, but he is
on the list and that is what matters.

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