Color me not surprised, but I’m not surprised in the least that
Jarvis Landry came out and said that the Browns QBs are much better than what
he had when he was with Miami. I’m not surprised because that’s what every
player that leaves a team and goes to another team does. Durant, Ajayi, LeBron,
Kobe, they all do it eventually. They get traded, retire or released, show up
with the new team and just when things are starting and they’re telling
everyone that they’re so happy, they come out and trash the team they left like
a 18 year old dumped after senior week, rinse and repeat. Landry had this to

“I think [Browns play-caller]
Todd [Haley] is going to give me the opportunities I need to … not show off
my talents, but the things that I can do, I believe that I’m a complete
receiver all-around.”

The quarterback play is so important, which has
got me that much more excited about Tyrod and (first-rounder Baker Mayfield)
and the way that they’re throwing the ball out here, it makes me that much more
excited. It’s a lot better than what I had in Miami. I’m excited about

Cleveland are doing things with Landry that nobody in Miami could ever think
about doing with him. Let me think here; what does Landry want to do that Miami
would not do with him that would make him a complete receiver? Can it be send
him on more go routes and have him be the recipient of deeper/jump balls? Yeah,
I think that’s it. He wants to be like his good-time buddy Odell but here’s the
thing; Jarvis just isn’t that kind of receiver and trying to force him to be
that kind of receiver would be as dumb as trying to make Colin Kaepernick a
drop back QB. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

Then he
finished his talk with saying that the QBs in Cleveland are a lot better than
what he had in Miami. Basically, Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield are leaps and
bounds better at throwing footballs than Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore and Jay
Cutler. I really can’t say much about Baker because I haven’t seen him yet in
live action with a NFL defense trying to stop him from succeeding so I can’t
give a true “take” on him other than I was alright with Miami
drafting him if they had the chance back in April. Tannehill, Moore and Cutler
as we all know are competent throwers of the ball. Are they Marino, Favre and Spergon
 Warren Moon? Not quite. But Tyrod Taylor, that’s my problem
with all this. Tyrod is as mediocre of a QB as it gets. Tell me his stats, tell
me he has a great win/loss record tell me he hasn’t had good players around
him. Whatever you want to do, go ahead and do it. I’ve watched him play and
besides a few deep balls, he’s never ever going to win anything because he’s
just to inaccurate. Like wildly inaccurate and consistently doesn’t get the
ball to his WRs. Remember that playoff game against the Jags this year? Out of
his whopping 17 completions, 5 were to WRs. I really don’t think the Browns are
going to be turning into the greatest show in “The Land” this year.

And I
was a guy who wanted Miami to keep Landry. He’s a really good player and I
thought it could get worked out but Gase and company feel differently for that
price. I want Jarvis to succeed but the smart money is on the Browns being the
Browns and Jarvis getting upset when he gets criticized in the middle of the
season as for why the Browns offense has trouble scoring points and he gets all
annoyed with the media and lashes out then subtly says the coaches don’t know
what they’re doing with him. This isn’t to say Miami will be scoring TDs at will,
but I’ll take their offense with Gase and the new guys they have compared to
Cleveland (yes, I know Josh Gordon is there). Until the Browns stop Browning,
I’m never going to believe in them.

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