Glad that’s out of the way. I felt
it was important that I in fact say I want Ryan Tannehill to absolutely,
without a shadow of a doubt, enter week 1 of the 2018-19 season, light it up
and obliterate all the competition that the NFL has to offer. I want him to do
that because I am one of the many tortured souls that are a Miami Dolphins fan.
I want him to do that and I think it’s entirely possible that he can go
out there and show everyone where he lives. But, I also think it’s wise to take
a wait and see approach and not get all gushy about Ryan completing a really
nice pass during minicamp and then think that the division is the Dolphins to
If you go on twitter, you’ll see
several Dolphins writers, who do a tremendous job of keeping everyone in the
loop about what’s going on with the team that we bare a cross to, saying that
Tannehill is playing the best ball of his career/under Gase or that Ryan and
the WRs are really clicking and getting into a groove. That’s all well and good
but, Ryan should be clicking with all of his receivers. There’s no defense.
Nobody is trying to knock him into next week. He should be putting on a
display. Yeah, I realize he’s coming off a major knee injury, but enough time
has passed where he should be lighting up practice. Go look at any other team’s
twitter for half a second and you’ll see talk or footage of them completing
nice passes to WRs with no one around. You can set your watch to it. I also
realize it’s the off-season and people are dying for some football action and
don’t care what they hear as long as it’s football related. For example, as
Dolphins’ fans, we’ve been caught up in the high school drama between the
apparently forever butt-hurt Jarvis Landry talking about how Tannehill and him
never had a great relationship. I can show you interviews of Jarvis praising
Ryan but who the heck cares right? I wrote here how
it was pretty much written on Egyptian walls that he would trash Ryan and Miami
eventually because that’s just how 2018 sports work. Whatever. Means nothing
and I don’t have much thought of that situation because what does it matter?
Jarvis will probably get his in Cleveland and I’ll get a decent laugh about it
down the road but hey it’s football, so we’ll drag it out for days longer than
it needs to be dragged out.
Adam Gase came out and this to say
about how Ryan is progressing this off-season

“He’s gotten better,” Gase said. “He’s
good. I really think that both Dowell [Loggains] and Bo [Hardegree] have done a
good job. We’ve been working a lot of pocket movement things, getting him
comfortable in that aspect. It doesn’t seem like he’s really changed much, as
far as worrying about bodies around him. He’s out there playing and he’s
throwing the ball well. You can tell that he spent a lot of time with these
guys in the offseason.”

Of course, he’s going to say this.
There’s not a universe that exists where Adam can say anything but this at this
point. Even if Ryan went out there and one hopped every pass he threw you have
to say that he looks great. Anything contrary to him doing great starts a storm
that not even Bruce Wayne and all his friends can handle. It’s comforting and
it’s what we want to hear and that’s why it gets said.
Point is, we have no idea how
Tannehill is going to play when it’s time to strap’em up when the season starts
until he puts the pads on him in a real game. Like Billy Bean said in Moneyball
and hopefully real life; “you don’t have a crystal ball.” We have no
idea how someone like Tannehill with a choppy past is going to perform and
trying to predict what he’ll do based on what he’s doing now in minicamp is a
mind frame that I want nothing to do with. Every player looks fantastic and all
the coaches love everyone this time of year. I remember DeVante Parker was
killing it in the preseason last year and I thought him, and Cutler were going
to be a force and all that got me, and others was a boatload of frustration.
That’s not to say you can’t be optimistic. I’m optimistic. I’m optimistic that
Ryan and Miami will go out there and play sound football and go 13-3. But being
optimistic doesn’t mean that you must lose your brain. You can be both
optimistic and realistic at the same time and take a I’ll believe it when I see
it approach. This isn’t religion, this is sports. You can take that approach
and it’s okay. Not only is it okay but it will probably be better for your
PS- I really don’t think Ryan is
worrying to much about what Jarvis Landry has to say because…

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