Disgraced former ESPN Host and current FOX News Contributor Britt McHenry on Saturday night took shots at the Miami Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill on twitter.  McHenry is most known for being caught on tape verbally berating a tow lot employee. In a foul mouthed rant she berated an employee who was just doing their job and the video went viral overnight. Once the video went viral ESPN suspended McHenry for one week and eventually she was let go by ESPN in 2017. McHenry claims she was let go by ESPN because she is a conservative but has no facts to back that up.

In a series of tweets Saturday night McHenry questioned the Dolphins decision to stick with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback and said there are five female athletes who would be better quarterbacks than Tannehill. She later tweeted that she is a Miami Dolphins fan but you can infer from her first tweet that she is surprised and just now learning at this moment the Dolphins are going with Tannehill in 2018.


UPDATE (Sunday 7:15 am) – Britt McHenry has begun the process of deleting some of the tweets she put out Saturday night. There are screenshots of them though

I know not every Miami Dolphins fan is in love with Ryan Tannehill as the quarterback of the franchise but it is a bit much to say at this point he is a “glorified college wide receiver.”  Tannehill might not be going to Canton when his playing days are over but he is a capable NFL starting quarterback and his numbers back that up. It’s also a bit much to say the Dolphins wide receivers stink as well. If you claim to be a “fan” of the team and coming from the sports journalism field one would assume she follows the team, you should be able to do some objective analysis of the current roster. And looking at it objectively and not a homer, one word to describe the Dolphins wide receivers wouldn’t be “stink.” In fact the wide receiver group clearly is one of the strengths of the team currently and maybe one of the Top 10 wide receiver groups in the NFL today.

After reading this series of tweets it’s safe to say the reason Britt was let got by ESPN isn’t because of her politics like she tries to claim but maybe because her knowledge of sports is not of the highest level. Again, nobody is saying Ryan Tannehill is one of the top QB’s in the league or the Dolphins are some powerhouse NFL team these days that is a lock for the playoffs in 2018. But comparing Tannehill to female athletes and to still bring up the fact he played wide receiver in college for a year or two when he has been in the NFL since 2012 and has more than capable numbers for an NFL starting quarterback is laughable on every level.

Britt McHenry is the perfect example of someone who had it all with a great job at ESPN and a bright future but because of thoughtless actions of her own and an ego that was clearly out of check committed career suicide. And if she has sunk to comparing Ryan Tannehill to female athletes, its safe to say she was never meant to be a serious sports journalist who has any credibility. And one has to wonder if she has any credibility talking politics but I guess time will tell on that.