As most Dolphins fans know, it’s almost time for Training Camp! I thought it would only be appropriate to come out with a “Way too early” game by game predictions for the season. I will go over the 16 games, in two separate articles, over a 2-week period.

Game 1: vs. Tennessee Titans – We get to open the season at home, which is great. I believe the stadium will be on fire, we have Ryan Tannehill back, and the defense is going to get after Marcus Mariota. The Dolphins start off the year 1-0. Dolphins 24, Titans 13

Game 2: at. New York Jets – This one is tricky for me. I am fully aware what happened the last time the Dolphins were in New York to play the Jets (unfortunately, I was there). This Jets team has a ton of questions, the most pressing of which, is who their QB will be. If Josh McCown is their QB, I like our shot. If it is Sam Darnold, I still like our shot, because this defense has the ability to drive any QB crazy. The 2018-2019 Dolphins will avenge last year’s embarrassment and take care of business on the road. Dolphins 21, Jets 10

Game 3: vs. Raiders– Dare I say it; the Fins have a real chance of going 3-0. Is anyone really convinced that the Raiders experiment is going to work with Jon Gruden? Do not get me wrong, I love the guy on ESPN, but there is a real chance that this whole Raiders thing is going to go south quickly. If our boys can get it going on offense (RT17, Kenyan Drake, Albert Wilson, Danny Amendola), this could get ugly quickly. The Dolphins shock all the major media outlets, who predict us to be one of the worst teams in the league and start the season 3-0. Dolphins 31, Raiders 17

Game 4: at. New England Patriots– Well, this should be a fun game. First, Danny Amendola makes his return to New England. Secondly, this is going to be a true test of if this Miami team has what it takes to compete beyond the regular season. In the end, New England is just too damn good at home for us to get it done. New England 28, Miami 17

Game 5: at. Cincinnati Bengals- The only real question for me here is does Andy Dalton really scare the rest of the NFL? Yes, he has a ton of talent, but does he really scare you? The answer for me is he absolutely does. When you have him and AJ Green on the same team, which is a scary duo. However, this game could be a breakout game for 2 guys: Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Xavien Howard. With these 2 guys, we have the type of dudes you need to help contain a guy like Green. The defense brings this one home for the good guys, and the team moves to 4-1. Dolphins 24, Bengals 10

Game 6: vs. Bears– I really like Mitchell Trubisky, Jordan Howard, and the nailed their first-round pick in LB Roquan Smith. After a solid road win coming against the Bengals, I think this is an easy trap game for a 4-1 team, and the Dolphins fall to the Bears in a nail-biter. Bears 21, Dolphins 17

Game 7: vs. Lions – One thing I am looking for in this Miami team is their ability to bounce back after a setback. If this team can indeed start 4-1, and then lost to the Bears, they should come out pissed off and ready to destroy their next opponent. The Lions should be better this year, but they are still in the mode of needing to prove themselves, and the Dolphins should come out and win this game to move them to 5-2. Dolphins 31, Lions 21

Game 8: at. Texans– As a resident of Houston, I am very excited for this game. If Deshaun Watson is healthy, this is a very scary team. Between Watson, Deandre Hopkins, Will Fuller, JJ Watt, Jadaveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilious, this team has a ton of talent. I am not the biggest fan of their head coach, but I believe they just have too much offensive firepower for the Fish on this given night. The Dolphins lose in a shootout and drop to 5-3. Texans 42, Miami 35

Game 9: vs. Jets– In today’s NFL, it is so hard to beat a team twice in a season. It is even harder to do it in a nine-week period. However, I think this Fins team is different. I believe HC has a team that he really likes and enjoys being around. He will have this team ready to go out and take care of business. Dolphins 28, Jets 14

Those are my predictions for the first 9 games of the 2018 season. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these predictions, and as always, GO FINS!