Undrafted Rookie free agent linebacker Mike McCray retired suddenly on Tuesday on the even of training camp. McCray said…

“Football has helped shape me into the man am today; through the great times and the bad,” McCray wrote. “But I am so much more than an athlete. I’m a Man of God, I’m a Man with a sense of humor, I’m a Man who wants to give back, I’m a Man who likes photography, I’m a Man who loves kids, I’m a Man who loves to cook, and I am a Man who is loving.”

McCray added: “During this time, I sacrificed my happiness and my well-being. I want to encourage those reading this to do what feels good on the inside and not what looks good on the outside. Also, make sure you are doing it for you and your happiness and not others and their happiness.”

To replace McCray on the roster Miami signed linebacker Frank Ginda who had spent 6 weeks with the Arizona Cardinals earlier this spring.