Training camp is 9 or 8 days away pending when this blog gets posted and I know all you are fans of the Dolphins are all jazzed for information, analysis, psychic readings, prophesies of everything Miami Dolphins that you’re about ready to burst and that’s all cool I suppose. But to be honest, I don’t have much new to say that you haven’t heard from others. Nothing has really happened with the Dolphins in a few weeks, which is a good thing. I’m glad action has been relatively stagnant in Miami Dolphins world as opposed to crazy, ridiculous, stupid stuff going on that usually gets associated with this franchise. If you want a synopsis of what could happen with the Dolphins this coming season and what you’ve heard from other folks, here it is: It all comes down to how Tannehill plays, Gase is a genius or possibly he’s the worst, Drake led the league after the last 5 weeks meaning he’s destined to dominate the league, Miami got the steal in the draft in Fitzpatrick, Raekwon McMllian is going to have a fantastic year though he never played a down in the NFL, all the critics are wildly off-based and flat out delusional thinking that the Dolphins, a team that has only made the playoffs four times in the past 18 years who also has question marks all over throughout the roster will be one of the worst teams in the league this coming season. There you have it. Pretty much everything that could be said about the 2018-2019 Miami Dolphins at this point.

But I digress. This blog is about a man named Tony Bua. Tony Bua was drafted by Miami in 2004 and in a game against the Rams of St. Louis he decided to decimate the e̶n̶e̶m̶y̶ the opposing team in a way that I’ve never forgotten. Wes Welker, a guy that never could have made a difference for the Dolphins and who was eventually traded to another team in the division who went on and had an alright career, received a punt and Tony Bua, the pride of the Arkansas Razorbacks took it upon himself to layout two defenders on one bone shattering block. Some of you may say that that block would be highly highly illegal today. To that, I say you’re correct. But I also say that that hit/block/pwning, was a routine play right at the end of an era that saw acts like this nearly every week. It was a different time all the way back in 2004 and destroying a few guys on one play because it was the only play to be made was the proper choice to be made. Today, a play like that lands Bua in the brig and probably gets him castrated by Roger and the gang if they can find time not checking out McCoy (ooohhhh sick burn). Don’t ever blame Bua here, blame the Rams’s players who forgot about keeping their head on a swivel. The sound that gets expelled after Bua rockets himself into the guy chasing Welker is a sound that’ll never get old.

Bua never made much of himself in the league due to injuries but his impact on that one play on a pretty fruitless punt return is an image I’ll never forget. Though Bua never had a long NFL career, I guarantee he has an incredible win/loss record in bar fights. I’ll never forget this play and it’s always fun looking it up every few years to see a game that I won’t ever see again. Hopefully Bua is living a life like The Rock did from Walking Tall where he went back to his home town and overthrew the local government and made the town a better place. That’s the world I want for Tony Bua and it’s weird if you don’t want that too.

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