Miami goes back a little bit and dusts off an old yearbook to find someone that can potentially help fill out their recently barren defensive tackle rotation and sign former Dolphin Kendall Langford. Langford was drafted in the 3rd round in 2008 by Miami and was a very solid defensive linemen who played both defensive end and tackle. He then left Miami and started for the Rams and Colts until he tore his knee up in 2016. He played one game with the Texans last year. I remember back in 2012 that I really wanted Miami to resign Langford to a long-term deal because like I said, he was solid. I would equate him to be a tough out like Xavier basketball in the NCAA tournament. But, since Miami has this real problem of resigning good players after their rookie deal, Langford walked and went to St. Louis where he continued to be solid.

He’s 32 now and hasn’t played much ball since injuring his knee but he came in for a work out and Miami felt good enough about him to sign him. No guarantees that he makes the final roster but with only Akeem Spence, Davon Godchaux, Vincent Taylor and Jordan Phillips who’s currently banged up with a shoulder injury it’s possible that he comes and shows that he still got game and be more than a guy just to play preseason games. He’s versatile, but I’d expect him to solely play D-tackle at this point in his career. So, I’m pulling for Langford to make it difficult for coaches when it comes time to trim the roster.

This is also a good part of this blog to quickly mention that if you don’t want to get released and get your roster spot filled by a guy who’s only played 1 game in nearly two years who is also 32, don’t sucker punch the up-and-coming RB Kenyan Drake. This part of the blog was specifically for Gabe Wright. If you see Gabe, tell him what I said so he knows for next time.

Also, let’s not forget, that I am a person that owns a Kendall Langford jersey. So yes, I am secretly rooting for Langford to make the team, so I could have another current Dolphin’s players’ jersey to wear on Sundays. I currently only have Tannehill; Wake and I sprinkle in a Marino because that just makes sense. As a younger man, I used to buy so many jerseys. I have about 23 older Miami jerseys. There’re some good ones in there like Surtain, Thomas and of course Ricky that I should wear more. Maybe this year, I’ll add those to my small rotation. I’m currently waiting on a Gesicki jersey to get here but I ordered from some weird site in Beijing so it’s possible I just get a package with a note in it that says You’ve Been Had by Beijing. If so, I deserve it.

Couldn’t really find any highlights of Kendall, but I did remember about this situation that happened. There’s a video in the link that holds a line by Warren Sapp saying he too lost an earring at practice. He says it as if it was no big deal. It’s funny because I bet he’d kill to have those earrings back in his possession today.

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