The first two Miami Dolphins pre-season game has come and gone, and we now look forward to the dress rehearsal as they call it against the Baltimore Ravens this upcoming Saturday. As we wind down the pre-season there are five Dolphins players that have this fan’s attention, and could make a huge impact for the Fins in this upcoming 2018-2019 season.

1. Xavien Howard- Cornerback – This guy is turning all sorts of heads within the Dolphins community. The expectation was always that he would turn into a true Number 1 cornerback, but he could take it one step further than that. If he continues to develop, he could turn into one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

2. Robert Quinn- Defensive EndYes, it is only pre-season. However, how can you overlook what this guy has done thus far as a Miami Dolphin? In the game against the Panthers, he had 2 sacks and made his presence felt early and often. If Charles Harris can take another step forward, he and Quinn could present a whole slew of issues for an opposing offensive line for the entire season.

3. Kenyan Drake- Running Back– I have said it before, and I will say it again, this guy has true superstar potential. Every time he touches the ball, he has the ability to take it the house, and there are not many of those guys in the league. In last week’s game, he had 8 carries for 54 yards, and a few of those runs were mighty impressive. I cannot wait to see what he can do, along with the other offensive weapons this roster has (Danny Amendola, Ryan Tannehill, Albert Wilson, Kenny Stills, Mike Gesicki).

4. Ryan Tannehill-Quarterback- Have the stats been overwhelming in the 2 pre-season games? No. However, it appears that RT17 is healthy, and is poised to have his biggest season ever. He looks more comfortable in the pocket, and it appears that he and Adam Gase are on the same page when it comes to what this offense needs to look like. It does not matter how the fans feel about RT17, but the fact remains, he is our guy and we need to roll with him.


5. Jakeem Grant- Wide Receiver- DeVante Parker has to be the most frustrating player on this entire roster. There is so much promise with his height, hands, speed, etc. But, it appears he will never get over the injury bug. With that being said, insert Jakeem Grant. I am aware that he has to be more consistent with his route running, but man, this guy has that fire you look for in all of your players. If Parker is going to be sidelined more often than not, this is the true chance Grant has been waiting for. He cannot afford to squander, and I do not believe he will.

Also, I could not have been the only one to read the ESPN article about the Power Rankings and felt like I wanted to smash my computer. It is easy to look at the roster, and ask yourself about the state of the Dolphins, and what direction we are going in. The fact remains that this roster has a lot to prove and is very young. On the flip side, they are going to go into the season with a gigantic chip on their shoulder, and I could not be more excited to see what this team has in store for the fan base.

Where do you stand with this team Dolphins fans? How are you feeling? Are you excited about the young roster, or are you pessimistic about the upside of this team?