Hell have no fury like a coach who doesn’t give a rip about your fantasy team or has time for giving an accurate depth chart.

Nothing but respect for Gase and his decision to have fun about his running back depth chart. Dare I say it’s Belichickian. I’m sure some folks here will say that it’s crazy for a Dolphins’ fan to want their head coach to be like Belichick, but I’d love for Gase to handle business like Belichick mainly because he wins and has gotten results for 20 years and to be honest with you, I wouldn’t mind if Gase had a run like that with Miami like Belichick. I think that be good for the franchise.

The fantasy player in me hates when coaches are vague about their depth charts. It really can screw with your team’s mojo when a coach just can’t tell you who they have as their starter. But I have a brain in my head and I know that Drake will probably get more carries and will most definitely get the most overall touches between him and Gore. Gore will get his, but Drake is the guy they will feature. Also, I’m biased because it’s Miami doing it. I’m fine when they play games with the depth charts but when other teams do it I don’t like it.

The human being in me loves that Gase is just doing this to be a jerk. Even if this is low scale screwing people over, I’m still down with it. He’s doing it because he can and what’s anyone going to do about it? The answer is nothing. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in positions where we just did things just to annoy people. Sometimes you just need to make moves that make you feel good at the expense of others. All part of being a human being. Never forget…

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