I had the opportunity to chat with Dolphins Super-Fan Gorilla Luke. We chatted about a variety of topics. We learn about the history behind the Gorilla outfit, talk about where his least favorite stadiums to visit are, and what his thoughts are on the upcoming 2018 season.

Q – Let us know about the guy behind the mask. How did you become a Dolphins fan? How long have you had season tickets? What made you choose to become a Gorilla on game days?

Luke–My family has had season tickets since 1966 and I have had them in my name since 2001. The Gorilla thing is just my personality cranked to 100. I was always called a Gorilla growing up and playing sports, so it stuck.

Q – What are your thoughts on training camp so far?

Luke -Team looks great and the chemistry is something I haven’t seen for years and this team has it.

Q – In your opinion give us one offensive and one defensive player that will break out this season.

Luke Ryan Tannehill will be comeback player of the year and Charles Harris will have a great season and you will know why we drafted him first last year.

Q – With the roster right now barring any injuries what do you think the record could be? In a past article, I said 10-6. Do you think better or worse?

Luke – 12-4

Q – Who is your favorite player of all time not named Dan Marino and favorite coach not named Don Shula.

Luke – Larry Csonka or Ricky Williams. Favorite coach that’s not named Don Shula is Adam Gase because i believe in him.

Q – Out of all the years you had tickets to the stadium what has been your favorite season?

Luke – Every season except 2007 lol.

Q – What is your favorite road stadium to visit and your least favorite to visit?

Luke – My favorite was Seattle. Least favorite was Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Very rude and was treated like crap in their stadiums.

Q – Who is your most disliked none divisional team?

Luke – Ravens or Steelers

Q – With Tannehill coming back from a torn ACL what do you think he can bring to this team this season?

Luke – Leadership and a Super Bowl birth.

Q – In your opinion who is the best player on offense and defense and what makes you think that?

Luke – Ryan Tannehill he’s a leader. Cameron Wake is a beast.