There has been much debate as to what is the weakest position on the Miami Dolphins. I’ve heard anything from QB, DT, LB, the entire o-line. All of those are solid arguments. I would also argue though, that for those mentioned positions, it is more a matter of depth than anything else. My biggest concern is the cornerback spot.

Miami Dolphins CB Xavien Howard started to do well last year. You hope he can continue to develop but you just don’t know. I always thought Howard and Tony Lippett were pretty much the same player because they do everything in 2’s and by that, I mean, they get one interception and somehow find a way to get another interception in the same game. Only difference is Howard has a sack on his resume. Unfortunately, Lippett is no longer on the team as he was part of the roster purge on Saturday. He suffered a torn Achilles last year and it looked like he never really recovered.

Moving on, for whatever reason, CB Cordrea Tankersley, who was a third-round pick for the Dolphins in the 2017 draft, has not performed well at all this offseason and that has forced the Dolphins coaching staff to consider other options. Remember, a year ago, this was the guy who basically stole Byron Maxwell’s job. So, it is a bit of a mystery because he is a young player and you just hope that he can continue to develop and take that next big step this year and he is not.
The option that the coaching staff has considered is moving CB Bobby McCain, who primarily is a slot CB, to the outside and moving rookie DB Minkah Fitzpatrick in at slot. I do not have a problem with Fitzpatrick, safeties Jones and McDonald all on the field at once. The Dolphins need as many playmakers on the field as they can get but putting McCain to the outside is a dumb move.

McCain is 5 “9”. He is a feisty player. He has his moments. Look, the Dolphins may like him. They may think he can handle the job. They may think in his development process, he is ready to take on a bigger role. But, when first heard about this, my mind just kept going back to the opener against the Chargers last season.

Miami Dolphins QB, at the time, Jay Cutler under-throws a pass to WR Devante Parker. Chargers CB Casey Heyward was shadowing Parker and was in perfect position to make the interception and Parker jumps over Heyward snags the would-be interception and just takes off running with the ball. I mean, Parker of all people, does that to pro-bowler Heyward. Heyward is 5 “10” by the way and I could just see opposing QBs doing that to McCain all game long.

If I were the GM of the Miami Dolphins, I would be scouring the free agent market. I would be getting on the phone with NFL teams and trying to orchestrate a trade. Obviously, it would depend on how high and many draft picks and the Dolphins, even though it is year 3 for this regime, this team is still rebuilding, and you need your draft picks to rebuild. But, there has got to be a team out there that wants to get rid of somebody for a mid-round pick. Because the Dolphins need help on the boundary. McCain, for all he can do, will struggle mightily and we are days away from the season starting so time is running out. This can’t be the best the Dolphins can do. I hope the 3-headed monster of Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase don’t think so either.