Last week I released my 2018 NFL Season Predictions and now I give you my 2018 Miami Dolphins season prediction and pick the winner game by game ahead of the season opener. I do not think Miami is one of the two or three worst teams in the league heading into the season. While I also don’t see them as a playoff team I do think they can sneak above .500 when all is said and done. Let’s see how it plays out.


Week 1 vs TennesseeLOSS – Unfortunately I think this is just a bad match-up for the Dolphins. The Dolphins weakness is against the run and the Titans have a big strong offensive line with a good one-two punch at running back. Delanie Walker is always a threat at tight end. If Miami were playing the Titans later in the year at home maybe they pull one out, week 1 with the changes the Fins have made on defense I find this a tough task. Titans Win.        Miami 0-1

Week 2 @ NY JetsWIN– Sam Darnold will be making his first start at home but it is off a short week as the Jets open up on Monday night. I think Darnold will be a very good quarterback, just not right away. Miami takes advantage here and get their first win of the season. Dolphins Win.  Miami 1-1

Week 3 vs OaklandWIN – West coast team coming east to play at 1pm…. yeah I like Miami’s changes. The Raiders are the oldest team in the league and playing at 1pm in September in Miami’s extreme heat will not be good for them. Carr and Cooper will cause Miami’s secondary fits but overall, I think Miami is the better team and win here. Dolphins Win. Miami 2-1

Week 4 @ New EnglandLOSS – Beating the Patriots in New England is always a tough task and while I think the Patriots take a step back this year I think they will have Miami’s number here in this match-up. No shame in losing on the road to the Pats. Patriots Win. Miami 2-2

Week 5 @ CincinnatiLOSS – This is a legitimate Toss UP game for the Fins as both they and the Bengals are really pretty close and even across the board. I think Cincinnati being at home helps, I think Cincinnati has a couple more “impact” players on their roster than Miami does. I just think this is a field goal game and Cincy finds a way to pull it out. Bengals Win. Miami 2-3

Week 6 vs ChicagoWIN – I think this is a game where Miami can take advantage of a young quarterback at home. The Bears are a team on the rise and with the addition of Mack they may have a vicious pass rush this year. But they are also a one-dimensional team on offense and I think the Dolphins get a win here at home. Dolphins Win.           Miami 3-3

Week 7 Detroit WIN – Back to back home games for the Fins for the first time all year and I think they take advantage of that. The Lions are a “good” team but far from great. I think the Dolphins offense can have a big day here and put up some points. The pass rush gets to Stafford and it will slow him down just enough. Dolphins Win.         Miami 4-3

Week 8 @ HoustonLOSS – Short week playing on Thursday night against a franchise that historically always has our number. Houston is very good on defense and might cause Miami fits. Watson being a mobile quarterback will also cause the Fins defensive line fits. Bad match-up all the way around for Miami. Houston Texans Win. Miami 4-4

Week 9 vs NY JetsWIN – Darnold will be a little better this game than he was in week 2 vs Miami but the Jets still lack play-makers on offense. The Fins show up at home once again and come up with a big effort for the South Florida faithful. Dolphins Win. Miami 5-4

Week 10 @ Green BayLOSS – Aaron Rodgers. Really enough said. Beating Rodgers in Green Bay is, well, not easy. Packers Win. Miami 5-5


Week 12 @ IndianapolisWIN -The Colts are one of the 3 worst teams in the NFL this year in my opinion. I think the Dolphins will control both sides of the line of scrimmage and Miami walks into Indy and comes out with a win. Dolphins Win. Miami 6-5

Week 13 vs BuffaloWIN – In the battle for worst team in the NFL the Colts (as mentioned above) has competition and the competition is the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is horrible, and the Dolphins lay the smack down on the Bills here and win big at home. Dolphins Win. Miami 7-5

Week 14 New EnglandWIN – Dolphins with a 3-game win streak as they get a big win at home vs the Patriots. Miami has owned the Patriots when they travel to South Florida and I think that will continue this year. This game will be a nail bitter, but the Fins come out with a win. Dolphins Win. Miami 8-5

Week 15 @ MinnesotaLOSS – Minnesota is in my opinion the best team in the NFL this season and I think having to beat them on the road will be very difficult for this Dolphins team. The Vikings are strong across the board and I don’t see the Dolphins winning this one on the road. Vikings Win.  Miami 8-6

Week 16 vs JacksonvilleLOSS – The Jags are a tough match-up for the Dolphins in that they have an amazing defense that will cause fits for Tannehill and Co. Plus they can line up and run the ball down the Dolphins throats as we know the run defense isn’t a strength for this Dolphins team. Bad match up. Jaguars Win. Miami 8-7

Week 17 @ BuffaloWIN – Usually I would pick against the Dolphins winning on the road in Buffalo in the cold and snow, but again I think the Bills are so bad that they will have already quit by this time and will be mailing it in. The Dolphins come out and end the season on a strong note and get a nice road win to cap off the 2018 season. Dolphins Win. Miami 9-7