As we all know, I attended the Dolphins and Jets game on Sunday. I know you know this because of course you read my blog I wrote for DolphinsTalk that covered everything I saw on the field. But what I witnessed and took part in before game, off the field was just as special. That off course was the MetLife Takeover occurred in the parking lot.

MetLife Takeover is an event that has occurred for several years and is run by Michelle of and Igor of What occurs in this certain section of the parking lot is a collection of Miami Dolphins fans from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and tons of other areas throughout our country and even other countries. Shout out to Brent and Amy from Ontario. Never before was I being in the presence of so many like-minded and tortured souls in my life. In that part of the parking lot there was a much more fun color of green or blue or whatever color you want to call Miami’s new uniform pigment as compared to what you saw in 99% of the rest of Meadowlands.

When my lady friend (yep sorry Dolfans, I’m taken) got me tickets to the game for my b-day, I made sure to have the MetLife takeover tickets thrown in as well. The sweetheart that she is agreed to it and I was on my way to Jersey. The ticket covers your entry into the tailgate, all the booze and food you can eat and an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been to Miami once for a game and though it was awesome to be in Miami to see the Dolphins play and mix it up with the local fans who were all about it, but something about celebrating this team in the parking lot of a team I and every other self-respecting Miami fan loathes is such a different but surreal feeling. Typically, you go to another team’s stadium wearing a Miami shirt or jersey and you sort of cheer silently to yourself if they do something good because you’re trying not get a beer poured on you or have someone try out there sick MMA moves on you. With the Metlife Takeover crowd surrounding you, you can say anything you want, and everyone has your back. It proves how the Shield conducts their business is sound and that there truly is strength in numbers.

The party really got bumping when a bus coming from the city from the establishment Slattery’s arrived. Slattery’s Midtown Pub isn’t just a bar. It’s a Miami Dolphins themed bar in the heart of NYC. I went there last Winter and immediately I was taken with the place. What really won me over is that they have a picture of Terrell Buckley on the wall. The place could have been a tent with a T-Buck picture hung up and I’d say it was the best, because it be true.

I met so many fantastic, down to Earth people who finally had the opportunity to rub elbows with other people who have the affliction of being a Dolphins fan. Even a 90-degree day couldn’t stop me and everyone else there from enjoying life to the fullest. From the cameos to past players, to rap concerts seemingly forming out of nowhere to listening to the Miami Dolphin fight song over and over again, MetLife Takeover was a smashing success. Coupled with the Dolphins winning, which puts the Dolphins at 3-0 when I see them play in that stadium, it didn’t feel as much as a Metlife takeover but a full-blown New York takeover.

So, if you are unsure if you should go to next year’s MetLife soon to be New York Takeover, be smart and put this on your bucket list. Then just keep repeating this item on your bucket list throughout your life because I see no good reason why you, me and every Dolphin’s fan in the greater northeast of our fine country should not attend unless of course you really can’t.

Here’s some of the moments I was able to capture using a digital recording device. The guy wearing the sharp, near perfect Mike Gesicki jersey is me, in case you thought it was someone else.

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