What’s Up Guys! After a 2-0 start to the season, and a win over a divisional rival, Noah and Mike thought it may be a fun idea to bring in Chris Cullen of the Perfectville podcast!

What originally was meant to be a simple 90 minute recording turned into something much longer. But we all had a blast recording! From start to finish Noah and Mike dissect the latest Dolphins news, and injuries, move on to discussing the biggest stories from around the league (I hate you Browns) then bring on Chris to discuss his thoughts on the team, and then finally dive into the game.

We cover everything you could possibly want to hear! Plenty of discussions in and outside of the game, different takes with our guest Chris, and just overall a hell of a lot of fun!

We’ll finally wrap up by doing a Phins Up Phans Down, and then of course giving our predictions!

Vs Raiders

Noah: 34-24

Mike: 30-27

Chris: (edit)

Enjoy the extra long episode on a nice victory 2-0 week, with our very special guest Chris from perfectville!

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Phins Up!