What’s up guys! Noah and Mike back to recap week 1 of the NFL season, and most importantly the Dolphins first win of the season to go 1-0!

We start the episode trying to tame our excitement and talk about the rest of the league for week 1 in the NFL season. We cover the Bills, the survivor league and fantasy league ramifications of the Bills, Sam Darnold, and more!

We’re too excited to not talk about the Dolphins so we quickly jump into the game. We cover… everything! Including but not limited to Minkah the Savior, Bae Jones, Bobby’s amazing start on the outside, and X being a true shutdown corner. Could this be a legion of…. something?

Listen to our live take of the game, then listen for a Phins Up Phans Down of the game, and finally predictions!

Vs the Jets

Noah: 34-21

Mike: 30-24

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Phins Up!