A year ago, the Miami Dolphins gave Reshad Jones a new contract for 5 years and over $60 million, but a lot of experts, especially on ESPN, thought it was a bad contract because he was coming off a shoulder injury and it wasn’t justified for a safety. Well, Jones is proving the Dolphins were right. Jones is best player on the Dolphins defense and he has gotten better and better every year since being drafted by the Dolphins.

Jones can be a freelancer at times, but he always has a nose for the football and last Sunday was no different. It was the first game of his career in which he has multiple interceptions in one game. His first interception put the Dolphins in scoring position, while his second one set the Dolphins up in short field goal range to put the game away. Jones has made a habit of making big plays that can change the course of the game. Whether it being intercepting passes, forcing or recovering fumbles, or sacking the quarterback. When Jones gets his hands on the ball he can take it all the way. Like last year against the Titans, he had a fumble recovery he took for a touchdown and it was the difference in the game.

Jones is one of the most under-appreciated players at his position. There’s nothing overrated about his game because you always have to account for him or he will make you pay. He has grown into a very good player since being drafted in the 5th round of 2010 from Georgia. He always proves the experts wrong and now he is making the Dolphins look smart for investing in him.