What’s up guys! Noah and Mike are back, and more down than ever to break down and discuss everything wrong that happened in our latest game. We have a fairly long pre-game show where we’ll just dive into the injuries, playoff picture at this point in the season, and what we need to do to get things back on track.

Once we get into the game, we break down the few good things we have to take from it, but ultimately rant at times (Swanson fumble…) and just speed through it so we can finally put this game behind us and forget about it.

Next up we get to a very difficult Phins Up or Phans Down segment, and then dive into a difficult Bengals game to call for our predictions. Nevertheless we got

Vs the Bengals

Noah: 27-23 Dolphins

Mike: 27-24 Bengals

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Phans Down.