What’s up guys! Noah and Mike are back to talk about perhaps the best Dolphins game since the Bills Christmas Eve game of 2016! We start off the episode to talk about the doom and gloom of the Tannehill injury, as well as what the hell happened to Charles Harris, and then get into some talk about Gase.

After all that, we finally get into the game, a CRAZY game, which involved a lot of pausing! Defensive stops, big plays on offense, (Mctyer getting torched…), Gore being agless, Wilsons explosive ability, plenty of talk about Osweiler, overcoming the Bears defense and not allowing a sack… Thank you O line! So much to get into…!

Finally once we finish up the game we get into our post game thoughts, and a little Phins Up or Phans Down, and then finally our predictions.

Vs the Lions

Noah: 24-13 Dolphins

Mike: 21-17 Lions

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Phins Up!