Last week at this time, the Miami Dolphins were 3-0 and people were talking about them dethroning the New England Patriots. Then the Dolphins got blown out by the mighty Patriots and everyone is jumping of the bandwagon or saying it’s the same old Dolphins. Everything is so week to week in the NFL. One week you’re on top of the world and the next week you stink. Last week the Patriots showed why they are a better team. They had come off two straight losses and were coming home with a chip on their shoulders because people felt the Patriots dynasty was crumbling and the Dolphins were poised to dethrone them.

The Patriots saw the weaknesses the Dolphins had and exploited them period. The Dolphins the last few years have had trouble with scat backs, so they got their rookie running back Sony Michel and get him on the edge. On offense when passing, the Patriots jam our undersized receivers and if they can’t get off the jam Ryan Tannehill has to hold the ball longer and take a sack or throw the ball away. It’s not like we didn’t know these problems. Plus, the Dolphins aren’t running the football well, so the Patriots basically were playing like you can’t run on us. These are problems the Dolphins have had and for at least one game they couldn’t find a way to overcome these problems, but the Dolphins aren’t a bad football team. Before the season began, most people thought they were the worst team in the AFC East and some felt they could win 3 games. Well after four weeks, the Dolphins aren’t the worst team in the league and they are going to win much more than just three games.

What happened last week was a bump in the road. I was very disappointed in the way the team lost, but I had a bad feeling going about this game because the Patriots had come off two straight losses, were coming home and they don’t lose 3 games in a row hasn’t happened in years. If there was one game the Patriots were going to rise up, it would be against a division rival trying to overtake them on their home field. The Dolphins are in a bind with injuries, but they are part of the game. I don’t know one team that went through a season and didn’t have any injuries, they are going to happen. The Dolphins went into to training camp and into the regular season with the same starting five when is the last time that happened? Unfortunately, they are down two starting lineman and like all teams they have to adjust and there is a lot of time to adjust. They also have injuries on the defensive line and secondary so it’s next man up. The Dolphins had these injuries in 2016 when they made the playoffs. Heck they had to sign people off the street to get them ready to play.

One thing about Adam Gase’s teams, is that they are resilient and respond. The Cincinnati Bengals are a tough football team, but they aren’t perfect, and they have injuries of their own especially on offense. Their defense has lapses so the Dolphins can get back on track and they have some home games after this game so let’s not start saying our season is over after one bad loss. I get last week was a bad loss, but it’s only one game and every team have a game like that.