In what is becoming just a hoot of a time, the 2nd Annual Adam Gase Purge is underway and it’s off to a booming start.

But Matt, isn’t the Dolphin’s offensive line reeling because of injuries? The answer is yes, they are very very thin on the defensive line. Currently only Akeem Spence, Vincent Taylor, Dean Godsheaux are DTs. Today Miami brought up a guy from the practice squad and you’d have to think they will have to find another body to be part of their rotation. Maybe Kendall Langford gets a call. Seems like he should get a call.

The reason that’s being reported for Phillips abrupt departure from the Dolphins besides never really living up to the 2nd round pick that was used on him in 2015 is due to a sideline tantrum where he was taken out for not being able to do anything good and others were put in his place. Don’t worry though, Jordan said this tantrum that he’s not saying didn’t happen had absolutely nothing to do with why he was released after 4 games and the defensive line being so thin. His time in Miami was going to end today regardless of what happened on Sunday.

Yep, Jordan is now free to go any team that wants to see if he actually has any talent. He’ll probably end going to the Rams because I’m sure Suh will tell the team to bring him and he and Phillips can dominate just like they did for the past few years. And honestly, he can go there and be a serviceable player. I’d bet my life that Ajayi, Landry, Pouncey, Suh all messaged Jordan to let him that life gets better after Miami. I’d love to see those messages.

I think we all had a feeling that Phillips was a guy who was on the fringe of this being his last year in Miami and unless he put up a fantastic season, this was going to be the last year for him. He simply was to inconsistent. Sometimes he made game changing plays, and others he was major liability.

Just goes to show you, if you act like a baby in any way around Adam Gase after a loss and it’s remotely around the month of October then you’re going to hear this sound and when you know that your time is up because Gase has no time for your garbage that might be poisoning the attitude he’s trying to instill on this team.


PS- Everyone lining up to have Phillips on their team.

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