Jakeem Grant has 15 receptions for 216 yards and 2 TDs.

Albert Wilson has 26 receptions for 391 yards and 4 TDs on the year.

Danny Amendola has 30 receptions for 294 yards and caught his first touchdown pass as a member of the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday.


These three players have been a bright spot this season. They’re showing us that we don’t need receivers like Landry and Parker to win ball games.

Speaking of which, anyone catch post-Lions game rant that Parker’s agent said about Gase? I would laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. The most memorable thing Parker ever did that I could remember is the 2016 Chargers game. Tannehill threw a 56-yard bomb to him that turned into a 71-yard gain because Tannehill got a roughing the passer call. That’s it. Parker is hot garbage. You can have all the talent in the world, that doesn’t mean you stop working at getting better. The fact is, the shorter guys have more heart than you! Why, if Landry was the ex that got away, Parker would be the ex that you want to forget about.

Seriously, Dolphins get this guy off the roster already. He’s a clown just like Landry. Only difference is Landry played up to his billing during his time in Miami. Parker has literally done nothing. I would play Lewis, Caroo, heck I’d even re-sign Francis Owusu and start him before Parker.

Now, the news is not looking good for Wilson which would be a huge blow to the Dolphins. Stills, also looks like he could be missing some playing time. My guess is we are going to see a lot more of Grant and Drake playing in the coming weeks. I’m a little worried at the WR position but not so much that I feel like we need to hold on to Parker just because our WR position took an injury blow this week. Let’s move on from him.

If Grant can be what Wilson was for us, then the drop off is next to nothing. We might lose our return man since he is going to be more involved in the offense but honestly this is Grant’s chance to prove himself and I think he will. He and Wilson have clearly developed a bond and I think if anyone can pick up the slack, it’s him and boy, do we need him to!

From what I have seen so far, Amendola is a the guy that no matter how small he is, he will fight no matter what to get that critical first down. He probably was the guy that was brought in this past offseason mostly to replace what we lost with Landry. This is key because the Dolphins are struggling on converting on third down and we got to do better if the Dolphins are serious about making a playoff push this season.

Gase took a huge chance this offseason signing Wilson and Amendola over keeping Landry and you know what? I’m not gonna say we are a better football team because of it (time will tell)but we certainly aren’t any worse. Grant’s nickname is the Mighty Mouse but I think it’s time we look at Amendola, Grant and Wilson as the Mighty Mice because they are showing up the so called more physically-gifted athletes how to play as a team and not for themselves. Parker is a cancer. Landry is a catch-22 cold and the Dolphins are winning games without them! Enjoy the Mighty Mice show! I certainly am!