A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about what I think the Dolphins should do with QB Ryan Tannehill at the end of the season. I just want to expand on that.

I reiterate that they can’t keep him. He is damaged goods which means you can’t even trade him at this point. He was never going to take this team to the promise land. I think that delusion is finally dissipating with this regime.
With Brock Osweiler it really depends if both sides can come to a mutual agreement. Gase and Osweiler clearly have a bond but if the team does horrible the second half of the season, why would you want him back? Surely, there will be other cheaper free agent QBs on the market when the time comes.

Fales really doesn’t need to be back. I truly don’t understand what Gase sees in him. It’s not going to hurt anything for Falk to be back. He’s costing next to nothing.
Now, I understand fans are complaining about the 2019 draft not being a strong QB class. I’m not disagreeing with you. But, part of the reason of getting a high-round draft pick is the possibility that other teams will negotiate with the Dolphins and to get additional draft picks for the 2019 draft and beyond. There’s a lot of things the Dolphins can do.

Assuming that the Dolphins season is over and they do get a high-round draft pick as a result but they are unable to trade out of it with another team, I would draft the best QB available and get another one in rounds 2 or 3. Do it like how the Redskins did it in 2012 and let the QB position be an open competition between Falk, journeyman QB and the 2 drafted QBs. Because, the Dolphins really do need that elite QB to be sort of a band-aid until the rest of the roster is built up. Now, that doesn’t mean in 2020, you don’t draft another QB. If you do, then you have some trade-able value to teams that will be in desperate need of a QB.

As of right now, that’s what I think they should do. Because it does look like slim pickings in the 2019 draft but the Dolphins got themselves into this mess by not selecting a QB in the 2017 and 2018 draft, so they do almost need to go overboard at the position.

Hopefully, they can trade out of the first round. Again, assuming the Dolphins flop in the rest of the 2018 season which would assure them a top-10 pick and who knows…the college football season isn’t over yet. More players could emerge that show that they have that potential to be elite so maybe the Dolphins do get lucky in 2019 and get that elite QB prospect that can get them over the mediocre hump they seem to be trapped in. One thing they cannot, they must not do is try to bring back Ryan Tannehill.