What a weird Sunday for the Miami Dolphins.  They got the victory, but it felt like defeat. It was one of the ugliest games that I’ve witnessed in quite some time. Usually after a win, I’m filled with optimism, today, not so much.

Miami is decimated with injuries and today’s product was hard to watch. I see so many teams move the ball up and down the field consistently, but to watch the Phins operate, it’s disheartening. They gained seven 1st downs all game. Some teams get that in one drive. Coach Gase is supposed to be a genius on Offense, a Quarterback whisperer, some may say. I have yet to see these creative schemes. Mostly, it looks like they have no identity. It’s difficult to watch when they can’t run or pass effectively.

After getting torched the previous month, it was a good sign for the Defense to show some life.  They forced 4 interceptions and had just as many sacks. However, I don’t put a lot of stock into this game for Miami. The Jets are brutal on Offense. I’m cringing to watch them next week against Aaron Rodgers. The same feeling, I get when TB12 plays them. I just wonder why no Reshad Jones? If he is hurt then I understand, if not I don’t get it. He is an all-pro Safety. Many teams would be jumping at the opportunity for his services.

The trade deadline was last week. The Dolphins didn’t make a move. I love Cam Wake, he is the best Defensive End they have had since Jason Taylor. More than likely, the 2nd best D-End in franchise history. However, if they could have gotten a late round pick for him, then why didn’t they? This team is not a playoff team. They need assets for the future. They need as many draft picks as possible to build the team up.

One week after Devante Parker played like a man on a mission, he did his best Houdini act. Like usual, he disappeared and played like the man we are used to watching. Again, the trade deadline was last week. The Dolphins were fielding offers on Parker, they didn’t take one. But why? He won’t be on the team next year. He carries over 9 million dollars, about a million a catch so far. With Parker gone we could have taken a last look at Leonte Carroo. The guy we traded multiple picks for a few years ago.  If we are not going to use Kenyan Drake, then why keep him? I think he is a stud, Coach Gase must think different. Frank Gore is a legend, but he is not half the player Drake is today. Facts. He is a threat every time he touches the ball. So, it only makes sense that he had 3 carries today. Gore had 20! That’s not even a timeshare. I’d rather see Kalen Ballage in the game, the guy we drafted with the Jay Ajayi pick. You remember him? He ran for 1,200 yards for the Dolphins in 2016. That year by the way, Miami had an identity. Run the ball, force turnovers, and keep it simple.

A win is a win. The victory brings them to a winning record more than half way through the season.  Through 9 games into the season, I believe most fans would take a 5-4 record. I would never root against the Miami Dolphins. Sometimes it would be better to lose than win. In the NFL, it’s either you must be great or terrible. Being stuck in neutral all the time is frustrating. Not good enough to compete, not bad enough to get a high draft pick and draft a Quarterback. Wouldn’t we rather get a young arm and play him?

I know what type of players Tannehill and Osweiler are. Since 1995, the Dolphins are 196-195. Mediocre and average is not the goal. Start over and start from scratch. Pay Jim Harbaugh whatever he wants and let’s strive to be great again! If not, let’s just keep doing what we have been doing for the last 25 years. I’m tired of it honestly, and I don’t think I’ve ever meant it more.

Phins up, always…….