Ah yes. We have reached this pinnacle of the season.  We are in playoff watch mode (this is much better than last year).  Today, I take an in-depth dive into this weeks games and beyond.  Depending on how things work out this week, these articles will keep popping up until the Dolphins are out of contention.  Here’s the caveat, I am making this as realistic as possible when it comes to Wins and Losses for ALL teams in the wild card mix for the 6th seed.  Here is how it shakes out:

                             Week 12                          Week 13                         Week 14                            Week 15                        

Dolphins       @ Colts- WIN                    vs Bills- WIN                    vs Patriots- LOSS              @ Vikings- LOSS

Titans             @ Houston- LOSS            vs Jets- WIN                     vs Jaguars- WIN                @ Giants- LOSS

Bengals          vs Browns- WIN              vs Broncos- WIN              @ Chargers- LOSS             vs Raiders- WIN

Colts               vs Dolphins- LOSS           @Jaguars- WIN                @ Texans- LOSS                vs Cowboys- WIN

Ravens           vs Raiders- WIN              @Falcons- LOSS               @ Chiefs- LOSS                 vs Buccaneers- WIN

Week 16                              Week 17

vs Jaguars- WIN                   @ Bills- WIN

vs Redskins- WIN                 vs Colts- WIN

@ Browns – WIN                  @ Steelers- LOSS

vs Giants- WIN                    @ Titans- LOSS

@ Chargers- LOSS               vs Browns- WIN

So as I have this sitting, these 5 teams finish with the following records: Dolphins 9-7, Bengals 9-7, Titans 9-7, Colts 8-8, Ravens 8-8.  If this is the scenario, the Dolphins will make the playoffs as the 6 seed with the tie breaker with Bengals and Titans based on winning percentage in conference.  There are a few different scenarios this week that can change things up.  A loss to the Colts will put the Dolphins in a no win situation to make the postseason.  If every team finishes 8-8, the Ravens will be the team to make the postseason.  they will win tie break over Miami based on Win % in common games.  So if you want to say this week is an absolute must win for the Dolphins, you can take that to the bank.  This may be the only article I need to write based on these predictions, but even in a loss to Indy, Miami will still be alive, but will need significant help.  Let’s just say it’s confusing for the most part, but a win this week will set the Dolphins up if they can get to 9 wins.

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