The Miami Dolphins choked away another game yesterday against the Indianapolis Colts and ended the hopes of making the playoffs. I know there are 5 games left and anything can happen, but let’s wake up to reality the Dolphins aren’t making the playoffs and should start looking to next year.

I know the defense gave away a 24-14 lead, but the offense had two pathetic drives that gave the Colts the game. Adam Gase likes to be aggressive and isn’t shy about saying he wants to throw the ball, but on the first 2 plays of their drive, after the Colts kicked a field goal make it 24-17, Gase called 2 passing plays that fell incomplete and then tried a run on 3rd and long. Gase has a tendency to get away from his running game when it’s having decent to good success so why not at least run it on 1st or 2nd down instead of throwing two incompletions and hoping to get a big run on 3rd and long or at the very least have a run-pass option with Ryan Tannehill? On top of that, after the Colts tie the game at 24, the Dolphins are backed up at their own 10 yd line and they have a run, run and a pass go for nowhere, but on 3rd down with the game on the line he calls a draw play that goes nowhere really? Gase always talks about Tannehill and how much confidence he has in him. Well with the game on the line, rather than put the game in the hands of your quarterback you go to a delayed draw. It was the type of play that reminded me of former head coach Joe Philbin when he would typically play conservative because he got queasy about putting the game in Tannehill’s hands when they needed a play to keep a drive going to put a game away. Look Gase showed that he doesn’t have confidence in Tannehill with the game on the line. Rather than putting the ball in his hands, he calls a give up draw and we end up punting the ball back to the Colts and Andrew Luck hits a big pass and the game was over. Gase played scared instead of trying to make an aggressive play.

In today’s game, big plays are made in the passing game and coaches put the game in the hands of their quarterback. You see that week in and week out with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I know Tannehill isn’t one of those guys, but if you truly have a franchise quarterback you have to see what he can do with the game on the line on a big 3rd down to keep a drive going especially on the road. I remember Dan Marino’s last playoff win. The Dolphins were down 17-13 and had a 3rd and long inside their own 5 yard and Marino stepped up and made a big time throw to give the Dolphins a first down and went on to lead the team to the winning touchdown on that drive. Now Jimmy Johnson and Marino had their issues in his final season, but when the game was on the line, he put the ball in the hands of his quarterback. Every week I see Gase in 3rd and long situations and he calls a draw play instead of having confidence in his quarterback and it frustrates me. I see young quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and Patrick Mahomes with the game on the line have the chance to make the big throw and that’s because their coaches have confidence in them which Gase clearly doesn’t after yesterday.

I believe that after that final drive and the way things played out the Dolphins should cut ties with both Tannehill and Gase. It makes no sense keeping Gase because if they switch QBs and they don’t win next year, then you are prolonging the inevitable. It would probably be best to get a new coach and start fresh at quarterback. The Dolphins owe it to their fans to make a bold move at quarterback rather than hope for someone to come along. They also need a coach that can trust their quarterback with the game on the line.