Things could be worse. Things could always be worse. In work, in relationships, in life, things can always be worse. That’s where the current 2018 Miami Dolphins find themselves; in a position where things could be way worse. You could be the Raiders who traded away star players, big time assets, have players retiring in the middle of the season just to get away from the coach, and gave up on this season before it even started.¬† You could be the Bills who drafted a QB that the real majority of talent elevators knew was a project at best, who was considered a one trick pony, who is out this year and possible next and was replaced with a wannabe alter boy who was then replaced by a guy who got the call to be on their team while he was vacationing with his family. Miami currently sits at 4-4. If Miami started 2-4 and then rattled off two wins to get to 4-4, we’d all be pumped. Sadly, we’re not on the rise. If anything, we’re setup to fall off the cliff. But think about this; Miami has three games left against the Bills and Jets. That’s three games where I will think going in to each one of them that Miami should win. Get two more wins somewhere else against other teams and hey you’ll be in great shape for a Wildcard berth. Stranger things have happened. All the injuries upon injuries, all the nonsensical debate about Gase defending Tannehill, all the complete beat downs Miami has endured and after tomorrow they can be 5-4. Getting there won’t be a sinch but following these goals I have for them will put them in position to have hope going forward.

Do What You Can To Not Let The Jet Receivers Run Completely Wide Open. It’s Bad For Business

Last week against the the Houston men, the secondary had some lapses in coverage, which is to say that they completely lost their minds and were not even close to being on the same page with each other and the result was WRs running all over the field without a single Miami defender within 15 yards of them in any direction. That’s not a good strategy. The core of this unit is intact, so there shouldn’t be any miscommunications. The Jet pass catchers aren’t the Texans but I’m confident that they can catch a ball with no one around. Communicate to each other like you care and you should be able to suffocate their passing attack.

The Best Secondary Is A Good Pass Rush

Man, I remember being told how Wake, Harris and the shiny new toy that was Robert Quinn were just going to feast on QBs. People had such nice pictures of Wake screaming and looking like a beast as their main picture on-line and it was just going to be a frenzy of who was going to get to the QB first. Cut to Nov.3rd and the Dolphins have a combined 11 sacks on the season. Yep, that’s it, 11. Yeah, the secondary needs to play much better. No one is denying that. But come on, you’re telling me 11 sacks through 8 games is the best we can do? Oh, you are telling me that. Dang, well we need to be better than that if we’re going to remotely turn this thing around. Someone has to step up. I don’t care who it is whether it’s a veteran, an all-time great, a guy who is looking more and more like a bust or some random guy they just picked up. Someone needs to get to Darnold and harass him like we did in New York earlier in the year.


16 catches for 146 yards is what Mike Gesicki has produced so far. That puts him 3rd among all rookie TEs. You say it like that and you might not feel that bad. But I had higher hopes for Mike Gesicki and I still do. I keep hearing how TE is one of the hardest positions to excel at as a rookie and I suppose that bears true, but I don’t know, call me nuts but I think when Miami drafted Gesicki in the 2nd round they envisioned more than this. So far there has been exactly 0 creativity of making him someone to try and get the ball into his hands. There’s been maybe 5 instances of where they threw to him long where he was one on one. Besides that, you’ve mostly seen Gesicki catch the ball two yards down the field only to get two yards on the play. Nothing has been down the seams. Can’t imagine why you’d abandon the whole middle of the field, but I guess Gase has his reasons. Make Sunday’s game the game where Gesicki breaks out. He’s fun and could give this team and the fan base some much needed energy. #FreeGesicki

The Play Makers Need To Be Treated As Such 

Parker, Drake, Stills, if he’s playing, Grant, Gore, Gesicki, O’Leary and Amendola need to be used at their full capacity. It’s a blanket statement and I know I pretty much named all the remaining skill players on the team, but I’m saying they need to be used like they were intended to be used. Have Gore continue to churn tough yards. Let Drake get more touches and don’t forget about him in the passing game. He’s been on a slight tear as of late and he might just be close to kicking it into high gear for the second half of the season. Feed DeVante Parker as much as you can. The guy showed that he should have been in the lineup against the Lions. He’s apparently very healthy. Don’t let him have 2 catches for 33 yard type game. Actually, game plan him some more looks. He’s enormous and fast. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to scheme him some high percentage, high reward type plays. #FreeGesicki. Get Grant in space. Keep letting O’Leary be the h-back we know he can be. Finally, let Amendola do his thing, which is more than getting demolished after each catch. He’s the 3rd down man.

Perhaps Don’t Have Terrible Play Calling In Big Moments

Essentially, when you have a layup, take it. When you have a 3rd or 4th and 1, run the ball instead of doing a bootleg to no one with your immobile QB. Again, call me nuts, but Frank Gore has been a pretty decent short yardage running back for the last 50 years. Creativity is needed, No one is saying it’s not. But when all you need is a yard to get don’t over think it. Just run full steam ahead with Gore or your 6’7 QB. You might just like it.

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