The Miami Dolphins have been decimated with injuries this season. However, injuries are not to blame this most recent loss to the Colts. The difference at the end of the day was simple: One team had Andrew Luck, the other had Ryan Tannehill. Both teams are very similar on both sides of the ball. With the Dolphins leading 24-14 with 13 minutes left in the game, Coach Adam Gase, played not to win.  On the final two drives of the game, they played timid. Not wanting to make the big mistake, resulted in giving the game to Indianapolis. When everything was on the line, handoffs to Kenyan Drake on 3rd and 10. The difference in both teams was simply one team has a Quarterback that can go win games, the other has one they don’t want to lose it.


If Andrew Luck played for the Phins, they would easily have 7-8 wins so far. Luck has over 30 Touchdown passes so far this year, Tannehill’s season high was 27 and that was 5 years ago! Luck has the “it” factor. He can go win a game you have no business being in. Tannehill can’t hold onto a double-digit lead in the 4th Quarter. Quarterback purgatory is the worst position in the NFL. Can you believe this year Ryan Tannehill’s passer rating is over 97? Does that mean anything? 15-20 years ago, if you had a 97 rating as a passer you were elite. The best of the best. Now, if you have that same rating you are simply average. Dan Marino’s rating for his career is 85.  The game has changed, it’s become easy to play the position.  The Dolphins need a new face in the huddle leading the Offense.


“Suck for Luck” was the slogan. Miami was winless almost half way through the 2011 season. They won 6 out of its last 9 games to finish with 6 wins. They couldn’t even lose their games to Draft Luck. We ended up with the 8th pick, selecting former Wideout, Ryan Tannehill. The rest is history and a bunch of 4,000-yard seasons and model of consistency for the most part. His best year was cut short by injuries. And he has been mostly unavailable for the last 30 games. Availability is the best ability. Not only is he average when healthy, he is rarely healthy. Move on, he is a good guy and Quarterback but draft someone! It’s time, I promise.


These next 5 games in the season are going to feel like they usually do. Up and down, win a few, lose a few. We’ll be going into this offseason with the same questions about the Coach and Quarterback. Do we get rid of them both? Do they get one more year? Is Charles Harris a bust? Are we considering picking up DeVante Parker’s option? Is Frank Gore going to retire? Does Kenyan Drake want a change of scenery? Does Cam Wake have anything left in the tank? Will Robert Quinn restructure his contract?


Those are just a few of many questions surrounding this team and franchise. The once proud Miami Dolphins have been mediocre at best for the past 20 years. This season seems over regardless of their final record. I wish them the best moving forward.


As always, Phins up!