It has been 2 weeks since the Dolphins were able to score an offensive touchdown. Statistically, the offense is doing well in terms of getting yards as they have 3,358 yards between all their playmakers. But they currently standing at 19 offensive TDs when they should have a minimum of 30 at this point. Their best playmaker is RB Kenyan Drake. He has 3 rushing TDs and 2 receiving TDs.

I think part of the problem is Gase doesn’t have enough of defined roles for everybody. Every week it seems to be a different star. One week it’s Drake and Amendola. Next week, it’s Parker. Then, it’s Gore and Amendola. I mean, it just changes week to week.

Let’s start with the QB’s. Man, our QB play is just all kinds of disgusting right now. But we have no choice. It’s the Brock Osweiler show whether we win or lose. Problem is, Osweiler doesn’t stand out in any particular category. He can’t run and he is an even worse passer than Tannehill. The only thing you can hope for with him is that he doesn’t turned the ball over. When he doesn’t turn the ball over, we at least have a chance.

Gase has done a good job utilizing both Gore and Drake this season. Could they be better as there is 904 rushing yards between those 2? Sure, but it’s not like the running game is abundantly terrible right now. He is also starting to work Ballage in to. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more 3 RB sets as I think all 3 have something to offer this offense. I never saw Ballage play in college but everything I read about him suggests that like Drake, he is a catch and run RB.

As for receivers, Stills is the best receiver we have right now after Wilson went down as both guys are tied with 4 TDs a piece. This, I think is problem # 2 in this offense. Gase can’t utilize Stills’s deep threat ability right now because we got a shitty QB at the helm. Find a way! Have Osweiler throw balls to Stills all practice if you have to. Those two need to be on the same page.

If Grant and Parker can’t play against the Colts, then obviously will being seeing more of Leonte Carroo and that is fine with me because he has earned it. It’s a shame our 3rd round pick has been stuck on the practice squad and special teams but what can I say? It’s either a coaching problem or a GM problem.

If Grant and Parker are able to go, then Gase needs to make a decision and stick with it. To hell with hurt feelings, jobs are on the line here. I would go with Grant because he has similar play styles to what we lost in Wilson. Bring back the wildcat offense! Because you need Amendola for third down situations and you need Stills for those downs when the team gets in long situations. We don’t need Parker. He’s a talented receiver but HC Adam Gase needs to realize that he doesn’t owe any of these guys anything. It’s his job that is on the line right now. Go with who gives you the best chance to win.

Finally, and most aggravating is the TE situation. They have only scored 2 TDs this season in that unit and the one guy you drafted to help with that situation is nothing but a glorified receiver at this point. Pardon me, but what the hell? We need to score more TDs this season, you take a guy in round 2 to do just that and yet when the team does get into the red-zone with such few opportunities they get, you don’t use him? Did you guys know that the Dolphins have only scored 8 times in the red-zone this year? Are you kidding me? Some Dolphins fans have told me that Gesicki is going through a bit of a learning curve and that’s why he is not more involved in the offense. You know what? Then, he shouldn’t have been drafted. In rounds 1-3, you are looking for the missing links on this team that are going to help you win more ball games.

I know the QB situation is bad and I know depth on the o-line is bad. Maybe, you should have drafted a QB in 2017 or 2018. Maybe you should have drafted more than 2 offensive linemen in the last 3 draft classes. You reap what you sew.

There are plenty of playmakers on this team. Gase needs to figure out a different way to best use these guys or he may find himself out of a job.